Is it worth it to destroy the illusions of man about himself

What is more important in relationships:

  • Sincerity or diplomacy?
  • Frankness or courtesy?
  • Love or communication technology?

Person has the right to know the truth, especially about themselves. But to impute it to him for duty is impossible. Truth-seeker doesn't want to dwell in illusions about themselves, their status in the team, in the company of loved ones. And for another much more important the outer side of the relationship: "to fool Me not difficult, I delude myself happy".

Problems of truth are, in truth, inevitable questions: who and how to speak. Before speaking, consider how the truth is perceived. It is better to leave the man at his illusions than destroying them, not to give the truth, and plunge it into the worst illusions.

Telling the truth assumes a heavy, triple responsibility: objectivity and the truth, and for himself, and to whom he reports. Agree, a few different things to tell the truth to the person that this tie to a shirt does not fit, and say that he had absolutely no taste.

It is important to know and remember that it is almost impossible to be objective when we talk to a man about his children, about the extent of his talents, his beliefs, appearance, health versatilie... These questions are always protected with a thick layer of camilloni based on instinct. So it is better not to touch, to be silent, not to usurp the powers of fate.

Life judge – she can deny any truth. The ability to tell a man the truth about himself is directly proportional to the level of his spiritual development, status of mental health at the moment.


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By the way, did you notice that the fans cut the truth-womb in the eye is very touchy in relation to the truth about yourself? published


Author: Lyudmyla Andrievska


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Source: Ludmila Andrievsky


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