Points for relieving pain in the shoulder joint

Massage, conducted for 10-15 minutes can help relieve pain and tension in the shoulders and neck.

If shoulder pain become chronic, you will need several sessions of massage.

Points for relieving pain and stress in region of shoulder joint:

Point TW 15 (“divine rejuvenation”). Symmetric point, located about 1 finger down from the top edge of the shoulders, in the center of the line extending from the lateral edge of the shoulder to the base of the neck (Fig. 1). Is used to treat pain and tension the shoulders and neck.

Point GB 21 (“first spring”). The symmetric point is at the upper edge of the shoulder 3-5 cm in both directions from the base of the neck (Fig. 1). Helps with fatigue, tension and pain in the shoulder joint, calms the nervous system. You should not act on this point during pregnancy.

Point GB 20 (“gate of consciousness”). Symmetric point, are located in recesses at the base of the skull between the large vertical muscles at a distance of 2.5-3.5 cm from the spine to the left and to the right (Fig. 1). Relieves pain in shoulders and neck, headaches.

Point LI 14 (“the outer bone of the hand”). Symmetrical, located on the outside of the arm, in its upper part, approximately at a distance of Y3 of the length of the end point of the shoulder to the elbow (Fig. 1). Helps with fatigue and pain in shoulders and arms.

Exercises to relieve pain in the shoulder joint


1. To put a slightly bent fingers of both hands on your shoulders and to find the index, middle and ring fingers point TW 15. To produce pressure on both points within 1 minute. The right hand should perform the massage point of the TW 15 on the right shoulder and the left massaging this point on your left shoulder.

2. Index, middle and ring fingers of the right hand to put on the point GB 21 on the left shoulder, and the fingers of the left hand to point LI 14 of the right hand. Within 1 minute you need to produce pressure on both these points at the same time, gradually increasing the force pressure. Then the hands should be changed.

3. Put the thumbs of both hands on the points GB 20 at the base of the skull. To perform the pressure at both points needed for 1 minute, first the pressure must be quite strong, then it needs to relax. The fingers should feel to the end of the impact pulse at these points. published


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