20 things you don't need to spend money

The advertising industry can any, even the most useless thing to do for us a desirable and necessary. And you are happy to spend money on it at the first opportune moment.

Of course, there are things and products that you need, but most of what you buy belongs to the category of "just want".

George Carlin, American comedian, once said: "trying to be happy accumulating possessions is like trying to satisfy hunger, winding a ribbon sandwiches."

Yes, we naturally do not stop to buy everything that I want, but maybe you should try to make at least minor adjustments to your shopping list? In this article we will tell you about 20 things and products from which you can easily refuse without compromising the health, both physical and moral.


Well I survived beauty industry, if not for her magical ability any little thing to sell for a huge price, suggesting buyers that this is a real "must have"?

1. Aftershave

Every day (well, many less common) men shave and often complete the procedure after-shave. In principle, all tasks in this tool did a fine job and just cool water will soothe the skin, narrows pores. That can give you a tool, it's a pleasant smell that will remain on the skin. If you want to smell it — Yes, you need an aftershave. But you don't need it.

2. Body scrub

That is the main part of a scrub? Exfoliating particles, whose role is usually performed by crushed apricot pits or artificial granules. But believe me, normal, hard enough sponge not worse than the scrub can refresh the skin, and is much cheaper.

3. Sprays for hair, which do not need to rinse

The label on each spray promises that after using it your hair will be soft, silky, shiny, strong... But with the use of such funds on some of their components gradually accumulate in the hair, making them, by contrast, is dull, lifeless and brittle. And you again buy spray to overcome this trouble.

4. Cream for cellulite

Are you kidding me? You sincerely believe that some magic potion from the bottle will be able to rid you of cellulite? Do not waste your money.

5. Concealer

Controversial product. Someone really does not represent my life without it. But, not paying attention to advertising and assurances of journals that no Foundation can not be make-up, look at your face and think about it you really need? Or is it just a film that unpleasant pulls a face, not giving him any more appealing?

6. Shower gel

Pleasant smell and ease of use, nothing more. A good quality washcloth and soap here's what you need to correct bathing procedures.


Sports and fitness

The sport needs to do, there's no question. But do you need all this paraphernalia, which, so tempting and bright, is on the shelves of sports shops? Look at what out of their range you absolutely nowhere.

7. Gym membership

It's funny right? But it's true — in order to stay in shape, you don't need a gym membership. If you are obsessed to look good and feel good, it can be implemented without much monetary investment. More go, run, walk up stairs and just do exercises at home.

8. Diet food

We include here all those fitness cereals and muesli, which are somehow more expensive than the Golden bridge. Just because you can cook porridge? Although it will not be so fashionable and attractive.

9. Home equipment

Why not just appeared in recent years. Training equipment for home use striking forms and an abundance of functions. But I bet that if you, having bought on advertising, has already acquired one, now I think only about how would have to sell it at a less favorable price.

10. Sports wear

T-shirt with silver antiseptic coating, the newest fabric, ideally supporting moisture, socks microfiber... Yes marketers will come up with anything you spend your money. Actually, you don't need anything except a pair of sturdy shoes, a few cotton t-shirts, shorts and socks.

11. Magic pill

We should not fool ourselves and think that a magic pill can help you to overcome the fat that you have accumulated over the years. Only active classes and proper nutrition.


For children

How easy to become a victim of marketing when a family has children. After all, they deserve only the best, they don't mind spending a last, denying even to themselves in many ways.

12. Heater wet baby wipes

The world has gone mad?? If the towel is indeed very cold, you can just warm it in your hands!

13. High chair

Why do you need this huge structure? Buy chair-booster seat that can attach to a normal chair. When it is, you no longer need, you can easily take it anywhere, because it takes up very little space.

14. Baby monitor

Of course, if you live in a two story house, it's a miracle of modern technology will be useful. But in an apartment, do you not hear the cry of her child?

15. Walker

For hundreds of years babies once themselves up to his feet. They will cling to furniture, and everything that comes of it. You can help your child, supporting hands. Walkers are fun, but why did they suddenly become absolutely essential thing — is not clear.

16. Pillow for babies

Well, it may not be very expensive, but why waste even this little thing? You can change the baby diaper and the blanket, making the edges of its bumpers.


The goods for the house

Look, your house is probably inflated from unnecessary things. Do not repeat the same mistakes and don't waste money on nonsense.

17. Descaler for washing machine

By itself, the washing machine is already expensive purchase. But the store you want to buy another expensive descaler. In fact, the scale is easy to remove with citric acid, which is worth a penny. Is covered with powder and put on the mode of washing cotton (no linen and no spin).


Men's rules: please note!

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18. Cleaning silver jewelry

Most beautiful silver clean tooth powder. On a damp cloth, apply a little detergent, RUB the jewelry, then rinse and wipe thoroughly with a dry cloth.

19. Funds from clogging sink

They cost a lot of money. And blockage can handle even plain soda, half a Cup which you need to fill up for the day in the sink. If it does not work, it is possible to recall the good old method of cleaning the pipes lock.

20. Paper towels for kitchen

The thing is in some sense very comfortable, but quite expensive. Normal washing of towels will cost you less than buying regular paper.published



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