Tony Robbins: While you feed your mind negative States, your life will be their reflection

Publikace fresh, very philosophical interview with one of the most famous coaches in the world. Tony shares thoughts and tips on how to build a successful career, lose weight and prepare for public speaking. It turns out, it's all about principles.

Thousands of people sit on diets. First, they do lose weight, and then, in most cases, back to previous levels? What should they do differently?

Should work with the psychology and physiology at the same time. As for psychology, your goal should be not “I must lose X kg”, and “I want to recreate myself,” as an athlete, a healthy person, sexually attractive person...

The goal, which is based on the restoration of the relation with the underlying positive self-image is much stronger motivating than “I should lose X kg”. So be sure to ask yourself: “What is the authentic person you become when you lose weight?” The answer will become your motivating purpose.

Also note that for many people food is a source of enjoyment, social support (communication) and control (the so-called “secondary benefit”). Therefore, your inspiring purpose needs to include more useful data source of values (comfort, communication and control) than the food. For example, it can be a creative outlet, help others, organization of social events.

As for physiology, when you sit on an extreme diet, the survival mechanism of your body reacts to it as a slow burning calories.

Because of this, you will become much harder to lose weight. Besides, if you do heavy exercise, you often will soon stop due to injuries too heavy or routine — to do unpleasant things throughout life do not want anyone.

But working with excess weight — a lesson for life. Therefore, you are much more likely to lose unnecessary kilograms and will be able to maintain normal weight, if you drop it slowly, say, from 200 to 400 g per week doing exercise with a moderate load and creating a useful source of pleasure, social connection and control. This should be your long-term plan.

Now you understand why most of the participants of the TV show on diets (like “Balanced and happy”), after the end of the project returns to the original indicators.

They were a huge motivation for a short time, because they showed themselves to the audience. They ate little and worked a lot. But, in real life, without cameras, such a rhythm cannot be sustained. However, I'm not talking about genetic predisposition to weight gain, not triggered by lifestyle.


So would you like to tell people that so often failed — at school, at work or in a relationship — that they just didn't have the strength and hope to make another attempt to achieve the goal?

We all wish to avoid pain and seek pleasure, so when our first attempt to realize the dream fail, we choose to avoid the pain of future failure. Ie, stop trying to change the situation and say to ourselves: “I simply is not motivated enough, educated enough, attractive enough for this, not strong enough for that."

You have to find something for which you want to live something greater than yourself — the mission — whether it's your child, business, charity... Something more valuable than yourself. This is what will pull you towards the goal. And it's much safer than to push yourself.

It is not enough to have a strategy for success. Great strategy games are available for free, but they still don't work until you compose the right story. Story “I did everything I could” guarantees failure. You must create a personal inspirational story that all people fail, but successful people find a way again and again to return to the game until the goal.

The third element of success is your condition: You have to replace the usual state of pessimism and anger at the determination, the will, generosity, curiosity and gratitude. The more we are able to receive these great States instead of their negative opposites, the faster they will become our living habits and help us to make better decisions.

It is so natural to sit and complain about life, but the human spirit within us is able to give wings and lift into the sky.

I will say more specifically: I passed this way and that about it to tell millions of people:

1. While you feed your mind negative States, your life will be their reflection. Do the opposite. Pay reading at least 30 minutes a day or listen to audiobooks. Biographies of great men has taught me that even prominent people have suffered setbacks, but never stopped.

2. Do specific exercises every day, even if 5 or 10 minute jog. Such habits will eventually replace fear and anger with determination and courage. It might change your identity, your momentum.

Emotions change movement. Want to see this? Take a position of power — as it makes the Superman — chest out, breathe deeply... you See, your emotional state has changed dramatically.

During the Harvard study, it was discovered that after 2 minutes of performing this exercise, testosterone levels increased by 20%, cortisol decreased by 15%, and one-third of participants expressed a greater desire to take the action that they considered to be too risky for another 2 minutes earlier.

And here is another method that requires even less effort. Smile. It creates an instant positive psychological change.

3. Find inspirational role model. Perhaps it will be someone who has long struggled and achieved success only in old age. The biographies of these people — the history of what they do other than you — will help you make the best decisions. Well, if such a person agrees to become your mentor or to observe their actions — just wonderful!

4. Will have a big effect. Too many people are always waiting for that moment when you get all the answers. When you feel that it has sufficient, though not full expertise, start to try. Act. If something doesn't work, try something else; keep yourself in the mindset of the experimenter.

5. Find someone who it turns out worse than you and help them. This will help you to see your life in perspective big. My organization has fed millions of hungry people and we are committed to a billion.


You urge people to control their emotions, for example, to act and not be sad or angry. What would you recommend to those who constantly feels sadness or anger?

Each of us has emotional house we returned. Even if you are constantly angry or sad person has horoshoo work or family, he still returns to his emotional home, especially when going through life's troubles.

I do not believe that good feeling should just wait. I want to associate themselves, their condition with positivity and gratitude. I want to build a road which leads to positive experiences.

Every morning I spend 10 minutes. First, do a few deep breaths. Then, I focus on 3 things in my life for which I am truly grateful. Next, I ask my body to be strong so I can serve others. In conclusion, I think of 3 things I want to do in this day — my top three Prosperity.

Then, buuuut, I start my day. Doing so every day, I really start to find the moments and events that I am grateful. Of course, this does not mean that I'm not angry or sad. But, due to the fact that I'm tied to positive emotions, I'm doing better in relation to yourself and others.


You talk about the differences between want-entrepreneurs (wantrepreneurs) and ordinary entrepreneurs. What is the key difference?

The main difference is that should be greater focus on implementation than just the idea.

Invented in the world a million business concepts, but only a small percentage of them achieve success. Focus on implementation to give maximum value to your customers. This means that you have to work to learn everything, from financing to production and marketing. And the best way to succeed in this direct course or participating in training courses, reading books and watching videos. Going this route, you begin to learn the implementation, based on the experience of the masters.


You are a wonderful speaker with an amazing ability to inspire people to change their thoughts and behavior. Tell me, what should I do to become a transformational speaker?

Everything rests on the following principles:

1. Form vdohnovlyaet your goal, which is based on the desire to do something Grand that will improve the lives of your audience.

2. Take the time to understand and feel her expectations, doubts and fears.

3. Deeply understand the nature inspired topics about which you should know the audience.


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4. Prepare good examples and stories to enliven, to give energy to your presentation.

5. Click on people's emotions. We all fall asleep in the speeches of the speakers who present purely factual information. You must “click” on people's feelings. For example, I go out to the audience and put emotional issues.

6. I am preparing a thesis, but never use the services of a teleprompter. It kills the emotional connection with people.

7. Enter the “condition wizard”. ”Defeat the fear by ceasing to think about yourself! Instead, 100% focus on how you can better do something valuable for your audience.published


Translation: Max Kuzmenko




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