Tony Robbins: Remember that all actions have consequences

When it comes to how to help people improve their lives, there is no one better than Tony Robbins. Tony – Michael Jordan thought leaders that could help millions of people around the world to improve their performance.

Last year Marc Benioff invited Tony to make the final speech at Dreamforce – the largest event for the development of software in the world. During his speech he outlined the principles of sales as it did to him no one else. In his books, videos and presentations Tony presents each of us the ideas of effective selling.


1. Know your goal

In today's world of sales you need to always remember about your goal. It is not enough to come to the office, drink coffee, check e-mail and simply go with the flow throughout the working day. No matter how many days you were in the office, you should always know what you want to accomplish each day. All the time remind yourself of your goal – and you can't even imagine how it will affect your performance.

2. Look at the world with positivity

The life of an entrepreneur is full of risks. The more you risk, the more you win (or lose). How do you react to the losses makes you special. No matter what happens, always look at the world with a positive – the only way you will be able to stay in the game and not miss the next opportunity.

3. Remember that all your actions have consequences

The trade does not happen in neutral tones. Interaction of the seller with customers can either be positive or negative. Every action has meaning. It is important not only to behave correctly but also to know their strengths and use them to achieve the desired results.

4. Do not forget that every person is unique

Trade is a competitive world where every day people go over the edge. Often they are frustrated and not getting something to aspire to. Remember that everyone has a purpose, and it will reflect positively on all aspects of your activity. Don't be discouraged if customers or competitors don't behave the way you want.

5. Give in to your passion for adventure

What pushes you forward? Your past? Are your competitors? And maybe your fears? Or are you focused on their success, on how to solve the next customer, or transfer your company to the next level? It is important to know what motivates us and what makes us do what we do.


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6. Be ready for the unexpected

What if the sales happened something unexpected? After all, in the sphere of trade often deal with unforeseen circumstances. Otherwise, why is our history – always the most entertaining? When something unexpected happens, it is important to be able to take the necessary steps to resolve the customer's question and move on.

Tony teaches the presidents, celebrities and Olympic athletes to perform at their limits. Using his advice, you too will achieve the best results. Remember that a great leader is a person who is easy to teach new things. And may these tips bring you a high salary, satisfied customers and full satisfaction.published





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