10 beliefs about the diseases which we should ignore

Life according to certain rules convenient and simple. As for health, there people prefer special care and diligence. Because only the physician is able to diagnose, and only medication can regain lost health. They diligently fulfill their requirements, buy tablets, give your body the "knowledgeable experts" and are sure that everything is done properly.

Most beliefs about health are not under a real reason. Some of them passed on my father's side, part comes from society. However, it does not bother anyone. People use them, become weak, helpless and dependent on doctors.

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Here are 10 beliefs that you can safely ignore it without compromising yourself and your health.

1. "The disease can not agree, we need to fight it".

Feel free to send the conviction to the scrap and to enter the world. Makes no sense to fight with yourself. The disease is the loss of internal balance. She's not the enemy, but rather a guide. Through bodily symptoms do you get information about a deviation from its purpose, psychological overload, internal emotional problems.

Thank yourself and your body for taking care of you.

2. "The doctor is always right".

That you gave him that right now can take it away. Look closely at the "man in white". Is it the same as millions of people have their habits, beliefs, and not always the best. Having met him on the street, you would not have allowed himself such a submissive consent. But it is worth it to wear a white coat, you automatically give him the right "to administer over your court."

Remember, the doctor does not live in your body and can make mistakes. It may be lack of knowledge, bad mood, bad temper, insomnia and all this in one way or another will affect his opinion of you and your health.

3. "The disease is not always visible from the outside, the necessary examinations."

Indeed, modern medicine needs you, or rather your money. If you are still healthy, you ought to be doobsledovanie, and you need to describe your sad perspective. Then, in order not to remain "without feet" or "half a stomach", you'll get all of your money.

Want to keep healthy and enjoy life, do not look for problems where there are none. The disease only if the disease when they're sick. Your body knows better. And there is no better prevention to health than your happy smile and joy of life.

4. "Doctors need to be trusted."

Unconditional obedience to the men in white coats leads to an increase in diseases. Official statistics says that 50% of the diseases that people come to treat in medical institutions, they acquire there. The treatment process becomes infinite. You heal one body, maimed the other, you remove one infection picked up another.

You have the right to question the methods and the correct treatment. You know yourself much better and can be held accountable for their decisions.

5. "Diseases caused by viruses and microbes".

So I think the vast majority of people. But the disease is not just a virus but a consequence of incorrect installations in mind, the mistaken thoughts, disturbances of self-identity. Headache — you need to stop thinking, increased pressure pressure feelings are not expressed, aching back, you shouldered the heavy load…

Numerous diseases have psychological causes and, in their proper definition, the recovery.

6. "Only drugs can cure".

In 1965, a study was conducted of placebo effect on 15 patients. After a course of treatment absolutely harmless "piece of chalk", 12 of them reported significant improvement in 3 complained of side effects. Thus, it became apparent that any healing effects of drugs based primarily on the faith of the patient and his psychological readiness to recover.

7. "With age health will deteriorate".

The concept of "age" at all different. Someone in the 35 feels old man or old woman, and someone in the 90 believes that everything is still ahead. People can program themselves at the time of the advent of senility.

Your "turn" you often voiced in conversations with family or friends. The farther you push, the longer it will enjoy youth, beauty and health.

8. "If diagnosed, it should be taken".

It is worth to replace the word "make", "check". Doctors, like all ordinary people, can make mistakes — human factors. Doctors paid clinics have interest to make — consider the financial factor. The doctors are any clinics like experiments and innovations — keep in mind that we can be the experimental subject.

Double check the diagnosis, at least three independent from each other and, most importantly, listen to yourself.

9. "Health is an unattainable goal."

Can safely abandon this goal. Health is primarily a tool! While you will not know why you need to be healthy, there is no sense of strain. Only real goals, desires, dreams in which you are happy, healthy and full of strength, able to pull you out of a habitual state.

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10. "Chronic disease is not to get rid of".

Remove their labels. They deprive you of individuality, to impose a certain lifestyle, thinking, relationships with others. "Hypertensive", "core", "asthmatic"... is not about you.

First, you need to understand what secondary gain gives you a disease. Secondly, clearly realize what you will do if you stop hurting.

"I am hypertensive," he said as nails. In speech, use the verb "headache", "a tickle in the throat". This will allow you to perceive the disease as a process that has a beginning and an end. Leave alone the body, remove harmful beliefs, daily spend time in fellowship with him, indulge in a rejuvenating, ozdoravlivayuschim trances.

Kinesiology: the SECRET of health and youth

If you Wake up at night at this time, then you may have problems


Everything seems correct on the outside is not always correct from the inside. You is a small universe that lives by its own rules and laws. Trust only yourself, your body. Do not hurry to give himself into the hands of people who are familiar with you not more than 15 minutes. Their health you create yourself, your thoughts, beliefs, desires. Take care of yourself and be healthy! published 


Author: Pavel Kolesov


Source: samsebegu.ru/10-ubezhdenii-o-bolezniakh-kotorye-stoit-proignorirovat/


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