This girl proved that you can be infinitely cute and to engage in a dangerous business at the same time

This beauty was noticed at the summit of "Big twenty" (G20) and immediately forgot about politics. And when he learned who she actually works, she became the center of attention in social networks and even certain media.

Meet Xin Shu (Xin Shu) — the most charming bodyguard in history. Shu is originally from Eastern China. At home, she's not a model and not even a Secretary, she soldiers of the people's liberation army. By the way, in 2013 it entered the top ten most beautiful soldiers of his army.

In his free time, Shu loves to dance and sing. She even took second place in one of the national competitions of singing.

One commenter on the Chinese social network wrote:

"Marry her. And you don't be scared to go home late in the evening: she will make sure you was all right."

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Photos on the preview People's Daily Online

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