Lunar energy can be enhanced in the following ways:

1. meditation classes (not necessarily professional enough for 10 minutes a day to disconnect from the worries and sit alone).
2. Development of optimism. Disaster struck - do not fall into depression, solve problems and pulled hard, remember that for something you have been given this test. Leave them with honor him, not with a neurosis.
3. Monitor your speech, thought out and say as little as possible
4. Water Treatments (shower in the morning and evening).
5. Try at least once a year, selected to the pond (sea, river, lake).
6. To the person was harmonious Moon and healthy children, it is very important to maintain a good relationship with his mother. Not necessarily to live with her.
7. Moon woman magnified after birth. Moon harmonized pregnancy, childbirth and child rearing, and the woman becomes even more attractive in appearance. So often it happens that a single woman gives birth, and after some time, it appears fans with serious intentions, because her feminine energy has become very strong.

8. Time to ten in the evening to the morning - only when our nervous system is able to fully relax. If at this time you do not sleep, you can not be healthy Moon. This is bad in the first place on your mind.
9. Modern TV replete with violence, a very negative impact on our moon, that is, on our psyche and the psyche of our children. Try to watch TV to choose positive transfer.
10. A wise woman is very soft. The strength of women - in shyness and flexibility.
11. Learn to live here and now, otherwise you will not be able to enjoy life.


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