We deserve the very people that we meet in life, they come to us, to teach a lesson ...

Many are looking for perfection, and at the same time deny the real world. Women seeking men committed, supposedly endowed with ideal qualities, suggesting that only such a person will find full happiness. They dismiss ordinary men with whom it was possible to create a harmonious family, to reveal his love in all its fullness through the comprehension of each other. We deserve the very people that we meet in life, they come to us to teach lessons to reveal in us the best quality, to find a number of invaluable experience of the Soul.
Chasing the elusive ideals, the woman often left alone. Even if they admit the probability that you will meet this mythical ideal, there is no guarantee that next to you it will show its perfect quality, if you do not like him internally. If a woman has the wisdom, she realizes that she is doing a man his attitude towards him, faith in him, revealing it through acceptance and love, thus turning it into a real man with a noble heart, confident and successful. For a woman lies enormous power to transform and gently transform all things.


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