I like the idea that the work we need first of all not to make money, and to the good of others to use the talents God has given us. Money - in this case, the rise in second place, like a nice addition to the initially exciting work - work of the creator. I think if we use the talents God has given us, that we help God make the world better by themselves, and consequently, to create something good. At the time of the commission of any of the case from the heart, from the heart, with sincere love, we hardly think about how much we will pay for it. The action itself is a great pleasure. If you look at the work as a way to give the best of what you have, that is, maximize the use of God-given ability, the amount of wages becomes secondary in importance. In the future, it often happens that the amount of remuneration for such work exceeds your expectations. I think it is because true charity will be rewarded with all the generosity.
Sometimes people are dissatisfied with both the work that has to do, and its payment. All of this comes from the fact that once was made the wrong choice, namely the money was put in the first place. Then the choice of occupation is often at odds with the desires of the heart. Then work becomes hateful and pay for it seems a little crazy. Because on the development of those qualities which the soul does not lie requires a lot more energy and effort than on the development of data from birth talents. As a result, we get tired and emaciated man, who does not want to hear about the work.

I watch a lot of successful and happy people doing completely different things: from the extraordinary creativity to the very serious business. Each of these people are driven by a great desire to share with others the best that there is in himself. In my opinion, this is the secret of the simultaneous presence in the life of material well-being and happiness.

By the way, remember that the word "happiness" - contains the root "part". In fact to be happy means to be "a part" of another person or business, and it means - to give.


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