Creator made women are very different from men ...

Creator made women are very different from men, and not only so that they can give themselves to the world through a new life. Creator's plan is perfect! And the woman in his plan is a guide, but not only a new life, and even the subtlest energies and to the world. She brings with love, beauty, harmony and inspiration! It is capable to saturate the space of comfort and warmth, as is its function - filling. Quiet and kind word uttered her mouth, can tame the raging chaotic nature of men, as it was her property - square off. Lovely features, gentle smile, wave of eyelashes - can awaken the creative impulse and virility, since its function is - to inspire! Faith, love, purity of soul, a gift to the man, creates piety and directs it to the creation of energy! Through a woman a man a new realizes this world! And in a sense that it opens in the woman again learns life, peace, the laws of nature.
Let us remember this, cute, for each in their hearts keeps this knowledge, because she came into this world is not just a woman!


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