This woman made only 3 things to lose 40 kg for 1 year! The method that really works ...

This 26 year old girl named Amanda, just one year she managed to lose weight by 40 kg

How to lose weight without dieting and remove belly
Step One
Moderate exercise will help to say goodbye to excess weight. Just 20 minutes of vigorous activity a day will not only accelerate the process of losing weight, but also strengthen the cardiovascular system. Walking, cycling, swimming, playing volleyball, climbing stairs - all this does not require a huge effort. You can select any active activity at its discretion.

The second step
It is necessary to control the amount of food eaten. This task is not simple, so the body will need time to adapt. Such measures do not imply the rejection of receiving a favorite food. It is easy to calculate competently portions and eat foods rich in fiber.

The third step
You must eat more protein. This high-protein diet to quickly lose weight without damaging the human muscle tissue. In addition, protein products perfectly satisfy hunger. Unfortunately, this weight loss method is contraindicated in people with heart disease.

Today, Amanda continues to maintain the same lifestyle and feels amazing. Loan and you are restoring your health!

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