12 year old explosive shots that you can not only enjoy, but also to eat

ahead only a little less than half of the summer, and it's a great excuse to enjoy it with double force. When, however now to arrange a noisy and fun, or quiet and spiritual gatherings with friends and family?

< Website gathered for you the most unusual ways of presenting the usual cocktails, which will create a festive atmosphere and will the highlight of any party.

Watermelon shot

To watermelon season is not passed in vain, surprise guests such filing.

Apricot "Margarita"

In these "glasses" familiar taste "Margarita" will sparkle with new colors.

Baileys in zefirkah

Gentle creamy taste of coffee and liqueur «Baileys» perfectly complemented by sweet zefirinkami. Recipe here.

Chocolate cream liqueur

This recipe will be enjoyed by lovers of sweet cream liqueurs.

White chocolate with strawberry

This sweet treat is perfect for a bachelorette party.

Rum ice cream

This delicacy is intended for adults only.

Candy shot

Candy shots from this blog - for fans of unusual flavor combinations.

rainbow shot

This supply of alcohol will blow any party. Recipe here.

Champagne with strawberries

This ingenious recipe will help to create a real holiday.

Jelly "Mojito" in Lima

So even steeper than in Cuba.

«Bloody Mary»

Since the world-famous cocktail you're not drinking.

Strawberry in chocolate

The classic combination of strawberries and chocolate in a new format.

Photos on the preview: mightygirl, thecookiewriter

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