What did this woman from the usual shower curtain - delicious!

Construction of houses is quite creative and exciting process. Today, our editors will share with you unusual ideas to help diversify the interior , and give new life to old things.

How to decorate the house with his own hands
Use curtain soul
Plain shower curtain can be an interesting decorative element in your living room. Just find a suitable frame and fasten the fabric on all four sides by means of the furniture stapler.

Take advantage of spray paint
In every house there is a unique thing, which is to give a second life. Use for this purpose a special spray paint.

Is maps
This concept will not leave anyone indifferent! Your guests will be delighted with this design.

Fix the metal coasters
This element of the decor not only will bring variety to your interior, but also will be the most convenient place to store small items.

manufacture wall rack organizer
Such a useful thing, you can easily make using rack and pinion bottom of the old bed. You will need: planks, rope, a drill and a few metal hooks.

Use old wallpaper
Decorate the sides of the drawers of his dresser, or cabinet remnants of old wallpaper. Such life hacking will help disguise minor scratches and scrapes on the furniture.

Take advantage of paint to fabric
Create plain pictures on its upholstered furniture. This technique will give new life to old chairs, sofas and pufam.

Use markers to draw
All you need to create a unique design - a few colored markers and a beautiful pattern!

support Attach the paper to the wall
With these substrates you not only to diversify the interior, but also do not forget about important matters and problems.

make cornice of PVC pipe
This idea is the perfect solution for those who want to save a little. Believe me, these rails look better than metal!

manufacture of panel-board organizer
Good panel such that it can be hung on practically anything. With this thing you easily streamline the space in the kitchen, in the nursery or in the garage.

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