5 things that a man does for the woman he loved only

Two weeks after our wedding, I learned the terrible news. Do not have time to forget our wedding, filled with happiness and the promise of eternal love, my parents said that divorce after 27 years of marriage.

To say that I was broken - to say nothing. There were a few nights when I continuously cried into the pillow, not wanting to see anyone or do anything. But my husband was all this time with me.

He hugged me. He gave me a private space. He cooked me a favorite food. He called at my job and stayed with me when I did not want to be alone. Remembering this time, I realized that he really loves me.

And although it is more sad experience, in life there are some ways to find out what a man loves you. This is evident deeds - those are not done for each. They are, of course, a lot, but here are 5 key, which makes the man only for the woman he loves.

1. He really listens to you.

When a person is not indifferent to you, to you it is important to every word he said. Do you think his opinion and advice, they are interested in. And this is especially true for men. You'll see that he loves you, because he trusts you enough to ask for your help and advice.

2. It will discuss and argue with you.

If you are not important result, you do not argue because of him, right? Because if it is true the man is important to decide a question, he wants to discuss it and argue about it until you find a solution.

3. It will be ready to change their minds.

Even the most stubborn man will be ready to change their minds for the sake of the woman he loves. All because he respected her opinion and it is important to him. He wants to find a compromise, and will do so with pleasure.

4. He will always fight for you.

And not just to satisfy my male ego. And because he knows that this way you still need to look for. Because he does not want to lose you and will fight.

5. He will do everything for the woman he loved.

It will support her and help, have fun with it and share dreams. He wants to spend her life together and to overcome all that in store for them.


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