6 Commandments for healthy lungs do not let cancer stand a chance.

Without oxygen, the existence of the human person is not possible. Therefore, Lung Health - a necessary condition for a full human life. To keep your lungs clear, you must live in a place with a perfect environment, but not everyone falls such a luxury.

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Cleansing light <6 main points, following which, you can retain the ability to breathe into old age. Quit. This is not just bad, it is a deadly habit. < Private - the most severe damage, which can only cause easier. Get yourself together is not so difficult:. Only need to really want Breathing exercises help easily cleaned mechanically. Shallow breathing is often the result of poor lung function or a sedentary lifestyle. Deep, on the contrary, it makes it easy to open and display the accumulated mucus. At least once a day, retire to breathe on the whole volume of his chest. Beware of excess oxygen may dizzy

Do you know that pistachios, oatmeal decoction with milk, honey and garlic promote healthy lung function and reduce the risk of lung cancer! . to reduce the amount of air pollution sources in your home: to identify Eliminate mold, stop using aggressive detergents, take away, finally, from the walls of the carpets that accumulate dust . Excellent cleaning results provide inhalation based on juniper, oak bark, leaves or eucalyptus oil, lavender, mint. Also help to clean the lungs regular walk in the coniferous forest. Teas thyme, elecampane, peppermint, lungwort, mother and stepmother, licorice root have been known for hundreds of years, if not more, as the natural means in the fight against respiratory diseases.

One of the main conditions for maintaining lung health and, consequently, life - annual fluorography inspection. < Tuberculosis is still in the first 10-ke disease, claiming the lives of millions of people around the world.


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