The present. Expensive

Why I do not like fake? Ask yourself the question, what for me so unpleasant fake? So it really is harmless desire - to replace the lack of prosperity and take possession of something that is so similar to a desired, well, almost exactly the same?

It would be desirable branded handbag, why not buy exactly the same, but for $ 20? Someone wants diamonds for cheap, well, who is going to be considered under a magnifying glass? And someone very please linoleum "under the floor" as good coloring.

Do not think that I'm going to moralizatorstvovat or accuse people of bad taste. I myself have been a fake, "a mink" coat, and there were times when I had to live with cupboards, pasted film "under the tree", although not in his apartment. Well this is all from poverty. A poverty every case.

But as poverty and bad taste can be at some point grow, to get rid of. It is possible to be poor, to arrange the house furniture ikeevskoy pine samosshitye wear dresses and jewelry samospletennuyu and be who you are: a man who lives in accordance with their tastes and means. He does not try to seem, does not create the illusion that he was almost one else who can afford to live luxuriously.

We have a little girl, too fake, toy crown and a boy - toy gun. Babies so natural to try on the role play princess or a soldier. After the game - this is an important stage of development. But the creation of forgery in the adult world - that is, to continue to play? Acquire fake we just harmless "try on" the new, rich life?

I believe that adults are not as harmless fakes. Here I think, why?

Perhaps that is why it is fake - it's not just a falsification, this substitution of reality.

When someone pretends that he is an adult and capable of making decisions, not immediately possible to distinguish, as far as he is only trying to seem. We can believe him, to trust, rely on. How terrible and shock happens then, when this imaginary support fails.

And how difficult it is to communicate with people who themselves are beginning to believe that if they have a fake status, role, attributes, they seemed to have become those who want to appear. And the more they have the responsibility and power, the worse. What a buggy "as if", unsteady, confusion in it a lot, mist ...

So why did not become, why look? I think that the second is preferred by those who do not have enough resources to accept the reality and rebounding from her want to live better, to build, to grow, to move forward. I think even those who do not really want to invest. Can I make money on real wood cabinet? I can, but it w invest need to work. A fast old film pokleit much easier. And it turns out nothing krasivenko as real ...

Substitution at first seems a little ... and agree to it once, twice ... so tempting and uncritically. That's the trouble, but then get used to it, and it spreads like a virus around.

Especially because serving and using our reluctance to invest, we have long sell anything you want "fast" therapy (two times will relieve you from all evils), fastest way to lose weight (it is stuffed with the entire Internet, just simply drink water with lemon or even with a sort of magic bullet, and two days you will lose weight), quick way to get a man (just click on the dates in his mind buttons) to calm the child (intimidated or ashamed,) to come to their goals, just to make a collage of your desires and so on.

"Fast" and "effortlessly" - this is what is now selling well, sometimes even for a very large sum of money. Some colleagues around me are amazed why people are so easy to spend a lot of money on these fake? Probably because it is sometimes difficult to distinguish one from the other, and yet, yes, we all know about the "free cheese", but in fact here not free, for money. Still buying. Because there is a magical promise. "Quickly and effortlessly┬╗

But everything has its own rhythm, the process, the time, the child nurtured 9 months, and grows at once. In order to display the stable economy - we need efforts, risks, investments and a stable political situation, to form healthy patriotism - in the need to invest it again. To get something, you give your energy, time, mind, creative, soul.

For those who have kept a child's dream of a magical transformation effortless for them to eat, and I think there will always be a huge global market of fakes - brilliant and easier.

Only those who passed their way, putting the mind, soul and strength in every meter of the way, he knows that genuine and present - it's expensive. Musculoskeletal. Handsomely. And valuable.

Author: Irina Mlodik


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