Amazing healing technique Karavayeva breathing

Breathe rhythmically on Karavayev need deep, quietly, evenly, without pausing. Breathing exercises should be done on an empty stomach. Sitting at the same time should be comfortable and stable, not leaning back against the back of the chair. During breathing exercises should not be in a draft.

Breathe recommended through the nostril, which is currently breathing easier. And this seemingly strange requirement has a definite rationale. Yogis believe that breathing through the right nostril only warms the body. This breath they call the sun. Breathing through the left nostril only cools the body. It is called the lunar breath.

The body itself regulates heat production and heat loss. When our subtle body structures are in a state of overheating - easier breathing left nostril. Thus, the body is cooled spontaneously. When the body experiences a deficiency of energy, then it turns on the mechanism of heat - the body is formed and thermal energy core. Then he begins to breathe easier right nostril.

The body is only to help restore the desired level of energy and heat. To do this, you need to breathe through the nostril that breathes easier. Identify simple it is. Clutching one nostril with your finger, you need to breathe out through the other. Then exhale the same needs to be done through the other nostril. What nostril breathing easier - through that and should breathe

. Karavaev, analyzed by yogic breathing, put them, so to speak, on a scientific basis. He noted that in the parasympathetic nervous system is activated, and during rewarming the sympathetic nervous system during the cooling of the body.

Subsequently, at the request of Karavayeva in Institute. Sklifosovsky and Energy Institute Professor Sokolov's experiments were conducted to verify this assumption. The experiments clearly showed that indeed when breathing right nostril heating mechanism is activated, and when the left nostril breathing - cooling mechanism

. Volunteers carrying out breathing through one nostril, managed to raise or lower their body temperature almost one degree. For the human body, where the norm is the temperature of 36, 6 °, then this is very significant value. Rising temperatures are traditionally associated with the activation of the sympathetic nervous system and a decrease -. with the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system

Since the body of many patients, and healthy, highly acidified, especially important for people breathing through the left nostril, which eliminates overheating and alkalizes blood. This breath for some time really takes a strong overheating and restores the alkaline blood resource.

However, if the body is strongly acidified, it is not enough. In it there is a lack of energy. The energy also gives breathing through the right nostril. Karavaev successfully resolved this paradox. He created a special aromatic composition for inhalation - psiheon. Breathing with psiheonom through the right nostril at a time "charges" body with energy and cools it. This alkalizing blood, and does not oxidize as it would be if the person was breathing only through the right nostril without psiheona ...

Unfortunately, psiheona release Karavaev called for short "stomach", it is not carried out to date. But the afflicted consolation say that the caravan recommended to combine breathing with positive self-hypnosis practice. This combination gives a very good result.


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