12 ways now turn an ordinary refrigerator cool cuisine decoration


When you can not radically change the kitchen space, and the like, to the aid of fiction and people who already own homes changed hands all upside down (in a good way).

It was on such craftsmen Website to navigate and offers to those who have their own views in the old white refrigerator magnets already causing a nervous tic and a terrible anguish. For you, we have found a very simple solution that will transform an ordinary house in the heart of the refrigerator and bright design element.

Simple, fast, bright fb07579d87.jpg

If you bored with the usual white refrigerator, the most simple and quick decision - to change its color. This can be done by means of paints, brushes and masking tape.

It is important to wash well before painting the surface, degrease, sanding with sandpaper and masking tape to close all of the refrigerator, which should be kept in its original form. Detailed conversion instructions read here.

Striped jacket for food 0fa02deef7.jpg keeper

Dress up in your favorite costume refrigerator in gold striped possible using the following instructions. You will need patience and a golden scotch. If you suddenly can not find such an adhesive tape in the store, it is possible to use self-adhesive gold film. However, it will have to be cut exactly and vymeryat office knife

Instead of purchased labels -. Homemade masterpiece 5ba6afe9e9.jpg

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To the kitchen settled, such as kitty ballerina in this bundle, you need to connect with a self-adhesive paper, label, fabric, thread, scissors, mini-magnet and violent fantasy. Everything else tells you step by step instructions.

Romantic Shabby chic 3010850fba.jpg

Lovers of French style is easy to transform the most ordinary household items into a stylish work of art using paint, glue, plastic, wood or polyurethane moldings or molding. The idea for the renovation of the old refrigerator can be found here.

Best place for creativity 47549b1f82.jpg

Common kitchen items can be a slate for both children and adults. Here you can draw, write notes and grocery lists. Transform refrigerator can with a special black paint that is sold in DIY stores and departments with art supplies. Detailed instructions alteration here.

When the heart asks retro 6df6e8778a.jpg

Great idea for lovers of retro light. Just need the appropriate style, self-adhesive wallpaper or film, and half an hour of free time. Carefully paste over the surface of the refrigerator like that.

Vinyl stickers, uplifting 098786dbbf.jpg

It's easy to change the mood in the kitchen, if you add to it a little joy. Help in this most simple vinyl stickers, which can choose to suit every taste. They are very easy to glue, and you can choose the design to any interior.

Refrigerator instead of canvas f0c2398a98.jpg

Able to draw and can radically transform the happy main kitchen unit. We need a primer, paints, brushes, pencils, masking tape. You can use the optional topcoat, such as lacquer, suitable for the selected color. More information about the technique of painting can be found here.

Door patchwork 8909a5a4d2.jpg

If you do not need radical changes, but just want a little decorate the fridge, this workshop will explain how. With the patchwork technique, flat magnet, fabric and adhesive can decorate the whole refrigerator and its small island.

Fashion rim for boring kitchen 24b39b70ff.jpg

Even if only one transform the wall of the refrigerator, the kitchen will be a very different mood. This can be done by means of a self-adhesive film, which removes the excess surface texture, paint and masking tape. Details in a master class. Of course, you can choose any color and direction of the strips

Just swipe -. And no magic a29d27bfe8.jpg

Transform fridge and help decoupage technique. To update the necessary napkin with a beautiful pattern, PVA glue, brushes, acrylic paints and acrylic lacquer. Step by step instructions can be found in the master class here.

Hail geometry! e73bbca64a.jpg

The modern kitchen will look great refrigerator with geometric decor. It takes only a colored adhesive tape, scissors, a ruler, a pencil and a piece of paper. View more details can be here.

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