It is proved that a pet in the house making it happier and healthier residents


If you have a pet, you are lucky! Of course, all of us, including Website , know that pets, taking care of the owner, responsible sincere love, what will surely make their owners happy. However, now sure of even scientists.

In a study conducted at the University of Miami (Ohio, USA), noted that the pet owners more self-confident, well developed physically and are usually very outgoing and sociable. And all this thanks to the sweet beings that are next!

It was noted that it was a dog made from their masters these athletes, and active walking with them also helps make new pleasant acquaintance. It often happens meeting with another dog owner, but there is always a common theme - love for his best friend. By the way, the children in these families grow more accountable, responsive and generous.

< Surprisingly, such a simple method as a result not only supports a good mood pet owner, but also improves his health. is proved it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, cleans the body and, of course, eliminates the stress. The technique is often used for the treatment of complex diseases and brings good fruit. The majority of patients who suffer from autism, heart disease, cerebral palsy, behavioral disorders, has been swept up a slight shift in favor of recovery.

< According to statistics, the owners of pets is 15% less likely to seek treatment than others . in addition, a study conducted at the University of Western Australia, found that more than 70% of people who have pets, rarely feel lonely.

Pet of the house is particularly important for the elderly, which will be only too happy to give all his affection and care, from becoming happier. So if you have a pet yet, we hope that the article prompted you to quickly start a shaggy friend.

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