If your pet does this, immediately show it to your doctor


We are ready to great lengths to ensure their Pets happy and long life. But sometimes we all face situations when you just can't understand what is happening with the pet.

Website understand the signals which give us dogs and cats when they need our help.

1. Pet hiding 3caaa499c5.jpg

If the dog or cat suddenly began to avoid, long hidden and weird — it is a signal that they need to be checked for damage and major illness.

2. Wanton lethargy ca0633124f.jpg

If the pet refuses to play their favorite games, spends more time on the Mat — pay attention to this, possible problems with the heart. Lethargy is also a symptom of other diseases and lesions of ticks and other parasites.

3. Refusal to eat f822e4347d.jpg

Long abstinence from food and especially from water suggests that cat or dog as soon as possible to show the doctor. Possible a wide range of diseases.

4. Hump are taking other unnatural positions 7e1d5f07f7.jpg

Strongly curved or Vice versa, as if fallen back, tail between its legs — so the animals signal that piercing pain. A dog or cat must be treated, and the sooner, the better! May also indicate kidney stones.

5. Licks constantly the same place 7f467f82dc.jpg

This symptom is hard to read, because animals lick themselves, very often during the day. But experts say that as soon as you notice restless, busy licking the same places during the day — be sure that the vet will praise you for the observation, and the pet will receive timely assistance.

6. Bloating, gas, vomiting 555e5102dc.jpg

Here experts say two main reasons: worm infestation or disorder of the digestive system (dysbiosis, disorders of the liver, pancreas, poisoning). The bloating without the side symptoms may indicate disorders in the genitourinary system.

7. Shortness of breath 3dcb0e4524.jpg

If shortness of breath not associated with physical activity or an intense game, this can indicate heart problems or be a symptom of extreme stress, but to understand this need doctor. Can also indicate the presence of mites.

8. Hisses or growls, plaintive meows or whines 81bdbc347b.jpg

When animals feel pain, they begin to be hostile even to those whom they love. If the pet was suddenly found to shrill notes, so he asks you for help. Causes can include inflammation with high fever, pain of different intensity to encephalopathy.

9. The tension in the toilet e7952f4dff.jpg

Many cats meow before going to the toilet, alerting everyone in the house. But if you notice the worry, the cat moving around in the tray and can not go to the bathroom or doing it with a plaintive cry, and the dog whines in the process of urination — immediately show them to the doctor. Diseases of the genitourinary system are a threat to life.

10. Rests head against the wall 2f696b011f.jpg

If the dog or cat sitting against the wall or stand, leaning his face into the wall, is one of the signs of lesions of the nervous system (infection, damage or even a tumor). Need to immediately show the vet.

11. Shortness of breath 1042da36ce.jpg

If on the inhale or the exhale became apparent vultures, wheezing, it is noticeable that the breathing has shifted from the sternum to the belly — as soon as possible contact your doctor.

12. Swelling df3d5d4c91.jpg

Every day, caressing a pet, visually inspect it. If somewhere appeared a swelling, gently explore them. It could be injury, and there may be a more serious illness. Undoubtedly, any swelling should be examined by a doctor.

13. Limp 697f08835f.jpg

It is immediately noticeable, and if the cause is not easy in a household accident like accidentally pinned feet, you need to consult a specialist to complete the work of the limb was restored.

14. Third eyelid in the cat 29e264163e.jpg

Third eyelid usually appears when the cat falls asleep. If it was visible and reached almost half of the eyeball — this indicates the presence of the disease. If the eyelid has become a significant area of the eye — the vets suspected infection, including the virus panleukopenia.

15. Disorder or constipation eed38966c4.jpg

Regular disorders, like constipation, may also be accompanied by various serious diseases (trauma and spinal tumors, severe poisoning, practice, etc.). In case of bleeding, fever, significant fluctuations in temperature, loss of consciousness, contact the clinic immediately.

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