15 historic images that people have of the past had a great sense of humor

Now, making home photo shoot, no one thinks about how much you can shoot pictures as digital technology allows to replace a bad frame, and choose from multiple pictures coolest. But in the past, every photo was its weight in gold, but this does not mean that people spend it only on something serious, solid, thorough.

Revision Website has found photos from the past, looking at who just could not help but smile.

Girl in a hat with a rooster, 1926

pig snout

Victorian Couple trying not laugh during photographing, 1890

Dance cakewalk

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Victorian man in a hat made of paper

Lady also know how to play the fool

for two Unique tea tray

Vintage humor

Kings are people too. Nicholas II with the monarchs of Europe, 1899

Richard Freiherr von Krafft-Ebing in all its glory

Sport pyramid at the seaside

Family photo creative Victorian family

Three fashionable guys at Yale University, 1883

beauty does not spoil

via www.nationalgeographic.com.es/medio/2011/01/28/flashbackfebrer2011_91x90.jpg


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