10 ideas for walks with the child, which will be remembered for a lifetime

we all fondly remember the moments spent together with your family at one with nature. But sometimes the urban children who are accustomed to the gadget, it is difficult to own something to occupy yourself while walking. Therefore, parents should think over in advance.

< Website took 10 original and simple in execution scripts for such cases. To realize how they can be in the city park, and rustic wood.

1. The tree in the pot

To implement this idea, we need clear jars with a lid or a bottle with a wide neck, and plain water. Each bank should be devoted to a single tree. At the bottom are placed branches, leaves, seeds and buds. Next, pour the water. Close the lid. For home exhibitions will attach great cute label with the name of the tree.

2. Painting on rocks

Take a walk and paint brush. We ask the child to find the most smooth pebbles. If a perfectly flat anywhere in the county not draw on those that exist. As a result, still it turned out beautifully. Stones can be colored by ladybirds, under cars, or even at home. Very fun to paint ordinary pebbles under precious. The main thing - do it outdoors

3!. House for fairies

Construction Fairy house - a great idea for a walk with a little girl. It is carried out quite simply, is a frame made of branches, which is tied with a rope. Master the roof of leaves. And most importantly, do not forget to decorate with flowers: a fairy to live in an elegant house. You can bring home a toy fairy itself, for example, a small doll furniture.

4. Forest hunters

We offer child hunt nature. Instead, we must equip guns list "nahodilok" and a pencil. "Nahodilki" - this is the picture of what you can find in the forest. There can be and leaves, and flowers, and insects. Next to the picture is bound to have small squares, where it is necessary to put a tick if found what is drawn. If there is no time to draw "nahodilki", can be downloaded from the Internet.

5. Dec by color

First you need to take care of a colored substrate. Pre house rascherchivaem paper into squares, which will later be painted in different colors. The task is simple: to sort by color timber discovery. Cones put on a brown square, dandelion - to yellow leaf - green, etc. This quest will entice a child, even if he does not already know a little, and for a long time all the colors.

6. Living tissue

With a need to take to the woods only a ball of thread and scissors. Please select long branches, and then connect them together in a square, rectangular or triangular base. Winding the thread over the entire length. Between the threads weave found in the forest treasures: flowers, leaves, twigs, pine cones, pieces of bark. This creation is not durable, so do not forget to take a picture of it to memory.

7. Volcano

This script from the section "entertaining science". We ask the child to make sand or earth mound. Inside slides put a plastic bottle into which pre-poured soda. You're gently pour into the bottle bury vinegar and watch the eruption. Be sure to take pictures of surprise face of a child when it happens.

8. Young Impressionists

Great artists, the Impressionists sought to express the fleeting impressions of what they saw. You may also enter any parent with a child. Just bring along the album, paints, brushes, water, and, like a true artist, to paint the beauty of the forest. In this case it is not necessary to have a pronounced artistic ability.

9. Stocks for the winter

Start this walk is a provocative question: "And could you survive the winter in the woods, like a squirrel?". To prove that this task is feasible, the child will have to find a suitable hollow and make stocks for the winter, there is more hidden cones. I'll have to come through the week, and check whether the stocks were in the same place. Maybe they found a squirrel?

10. Mandala

It has become fashionable to draw and paint a mandala to relieve stress. But even nicer to do it together with your child in the woods, made of natural materials. Putting forest treasures (chestnuts, acorns, leaves, flowers, twigs, cones, pebbles, moss) and begin to create. Again, do not forget to take pictures of the beauty of the resulting memory.

Photos on the preview: kcedventures.com craftsbyamanda.com

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