10 qualities that make a man attractive, regardless of its appearance

I'm sure many have noticed that sometimes beautiful girl meets a rather ordinary young man. Or vice versa: the macho meets perfectly ordinary girl. Somehow, all this seems absurd fact: Well, how can this be? The fact that human attraction is not always dependent on its physical data. We are talking about a certain magic appeal.

< Website has collected 10 just such "magical" qualities of the person who unknowingly attract the opposite sex.

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Many believe if the appearance, you sexy you "standardized" in society, but this is very misleading. This quality, completely independent from the exterior. It is expressed in self-control, charisma and self-confidence.


The man who fights for what he wants, that their actions prove that everything in this world is possible, can not to attract.

Good sense of humor

This is one of the most notable features in man. A good sense of humor - a measure of an interesting person and the key to success in any company. It is like an arrow of Cupid - can combat the spot


. Whatever you may be perfect in appearance, poor ability to keep your body destroy all your beauty. If you gracefully move - whether in dance, or have an unusually attractive gait, or a fascinating body language - it certainly will decorate your image


. Unsure voice, stooped shoulders, the absence of an opinion - all these are signs of a completely unattractive personality.


Doubts do not attract and promote healthy relationships. The determination should be in everything: starting with what kind of ice cream to buy, and the last in the country in which to live


. Intelligence - is not cramming in the university, and the ability to be wise and good judgment in life. Ability to understand any human being - it certainly attracts and fascinates


. One small detail in your appearance, even the most discreet and fun, so can attract the attention that your image will remain forever in the memory of a person. Pay attention to the details.

Ability to be an interesting conversationalist

It is not just about the horizon and you have your own opinion, but also the ability to listen. You can not talk only about themselves. It is necessary to conduct an equal dialogue with the interlocutor.


In the modern world of copies uniqueness is valued its weight in gold. In fact, each has its own peculiarity. Just someone it does not open, and someone takes over the flaw. That it makes us individual. Be unique and inimitable!

< Because in the end appearance ceases to fascinate and inexplicable magic attraction of your unique personality remains forever.

Author: Juliet Sangin

Translation and adaptation of the Website

Preview: Murdo Macleod / eastnews

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