15 photographs that animals, too hard to be a parent


Being a parent is fine, but sometimes it is not so simply: babies require constant attention and care. The animals all the same, only the kids sometimes a lot more - this is the poor man, and manage as they can.

Website has collected the most emotional pictures of animals, which is a little tired to nurse with its crumbs. Brave guys: a little bit more - and finally grow up malyshnya

Uncontrolled maternal happiness c03ba88dc8.jpg

Goodbye freedom! 090818ef7e.jpg

Mom is asleep, tired mom 87742a4127.jpg

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hard to be a single father 9cc73901cc.jpg

seems today mommy slightly on edge 385188b0d6.jpg

That feeling when you're happy mom 11 puppies 6992841f6b.jpg

«Quiet docha, I'll decide everything myself!" c0ad25fe46.jpg

And you weak? 69f20552a0.jpg

Calmness, only calmness! 752566b149.jpg

«And then ... Princess Hrrrrr" c124d70160.jpg

«Good heavens, well, when he calm down?" 9b7037d6eb.jpg

«Keep them! They run away again! "dabf7615d5.jpg

« So, in the sink, I now seem to rest again " 39e33370d2.jpg

Well they do not love? Photos published Diana Morais (@dianamoraisfotografia)

February 17, 2016 at 11:22 PST

all good and more puppies! 88cec756e6.jpg

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