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Next time, before you cry into my pillow because of its "crooked" legs bump on the nose or uneven teeth remember that even stellar beauty, they dream of millions of men around the world, can not boast of a perfect body .... They just learned to disguise their cute (and sometimes not) deficiencies or presenting them as advantages.

Megan Fox

Defect appearance: deformed fingers
During the filming of an advertising campaign of a new model for Motorola actress had to resort to using understudy. Megan asked not to shoot close-ups of her hands .... It turned out that "the sexiest woman on the planet" is beautiful, but not to the tips of nails. Megan suffers brachydactyly (congenital anomaly of the fingers), because of which large fingers grow slowly and remaining nails on them look immature.

Paris Hilton

Defect appearance: "lazy" eye
Do not pay attention to that every time posing for photographers Paris ... narrows his left eye?
A few years ago (perhaps after a failed plastic) at the beginning of the famous blonde serious slack left eyelid. Correct the defect can not be - we love the heiress to the colored contact lenses are extremely exhausted mucosa. Yes, Paris and do not want to change anything - unless it can abandon the eye color of the sky and return to the natural shade karemu? It is so "boring"!

Lily Allen

Defect feature: a third nipple
"When he touches it becomes hard," - Lily did not miss a single opportunity to tell you about my third nipple .... Among the stories deal usually does not end - the singer happy to demonstrate the "miracle of the body" all zhelayuschim.Lili lucky that XXI century, there were times when the owners of the third nipple considered witches and burned at the stake. Today, such a genetic anomaly manifests itself in a woman of fifty and looks like a large mole.

Kate Bosworth

Defect appearance: the eyes of different colors
On the red carpet Kate Bosworth always looks dazzling, but it's worth it to come closer - it seems that it ... has mixed colored contact lenses. The actress congenital iris heterochromia, one in her hazel eyes, the other - blue. This symptom often occurs in animals - dogs, cats, horses, but the person he is rather an exception to the rule.

Vanessa Paradis

Defect appearance: Scherbinka
Do not rush to the dentist to find the distance between the front teeth. Thanks to the charm of Vanessa Paradis is perfectly straight teeth are no longer in fashion! Glossy magazines and beauty industry giants are singing the praises of Shcherbinka, which not only spoils the face, but also gives it a special charm. Today it is considered that this particular chink indicates sexuality and cheerful disposition. That's just call it dental diastema (defect occlusion). Hmm, it seems to Johnny did not prevent this "defect».

Kate Hudson

Defect appearance: lack of breast
Kate Hudson has never embarrassed her small breasts in a bikini that looked quite boyish .... "Yes it has the same size as me in the comedy" White Chicks "- Marlon Wayans chuckled when, during a ceremony at the American Music Awards beauties treacherously slipped off the shoulder strap dress. "The main thing - not the opinions of others, and self-awareness" - waved beauty. However, rumor has it that on his birthday, in April this year, it is still up to ... increase breast size first.

Julia Roberts

Defect appearance: huge mouth
Several years ago, Hugh Grant, recalling the joint shooting with Julia Roberts, open up and admitted that "when you kiss her, you hear a slight echo." Of course, the British heartthrob joked! However, the huge mouth "beauty" violates the ideal proportions of the face. However, Julia would have made his spectacular career without his broad smile (and endlessly long legs, of course)?

Hayden Panettiere

Defect appearance: short legs
Beloved Wladimir Klitschko - unhappy owner of problematic figure. Not only that, she has to constantly fight with the fullness, to suffer attacks because of small growth, so more and legs Hayden did not grow from the ears. To somehow cover up the lack of the latter, Hayden carefully selects clothes, preferring stunning heeled shoes, and meets with two-meter gentlemen.

Katy Perry

Defect appearance: problem skin
Before the wedding with Russell Brand 25-year-old star is desperate to fight not only obesity, but also with problem skin. "I've always been quite pimply - she admits. - I even have scars after Cyperus, which I'm very shy and thoroughly obscure creams. " This year, Katie announced red bumps on your face a final war - was the messenger line Facial Care Proactiv Solution.

Halle Berry

Defect appearance: six toes
Year of the authoritative publication for men include Halle Berry in the ratings, "the most beautiful women on earth," and this despite the fact that the actress was born ... six-fingered. Doctors call this anomaly polydactyly. According to statistics, with six fingers one baby born from 5000 and usually extra finger immediately removed surgically. It is curious why parents Holly decided to leave him?


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