How beautifully folded napkins for a festive dinner

When guests are calling home, you always want to be on top. Make a note of this simple instructions for the manufacture of cutlery pocket of tissue from the Website It will certainly be a highlight of serving.

You will need a square cloth size 40 × 40 cm.

1. Take a napkin, fold the outer layer on the diagonal.

2. Fold the next layer, but not reaching the corner of napkins. It needs to be put under the previous one.

3. Then another layer to buckle, and laid him in the previous one. The distance between the three-fold should be about the same.

4. Overturn napkin and Bends it 1/3 left.

5. Make a fold napkins from right to left so that its sides agreed.

6. Refill the lower-left corner, as in the picture.

7. Overturn napkin the other side. Done! Devices add up resulting in separation.

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