12 life hacking with liquid napkins that save money.

These absorbency towels is now sold in almost every hardware store. They may be in separate package and is wound in a roll with perforations. Mistress use wipes for cleaning, but sometimes do not even realize that their field of application is much wider.

In «Website» There are several life hacking with liquid wipes , which will save on the purchase of household products. Some will surprise you for sure!

How to use napkins absorbency
There is nothing worse than adhering to the pan or baking dish fatty food residues! Put in a container cloth soaked in detergent and water zaley. Leave the dishes at night. After that stunt wash pan fat will not be difficult.

Moisture-absorbing wipes effectively solve the problem of odor and moisture in the shoes Use them as an additional insole. For flavoring drip onto the napkin drop of essential oils: eucalyptus, cedar, pine, lemon ...

Chrome faucets sparkle, if after normal cleaning, wipe them dry with a cloth.

You probably do not guess, but absorbency towels excellent job with the white stains from deodorant on the clothes! Just rub the area with a good cloth.

Wash blinds - a real meal! Moisture-absorbing wipes are quite thin and easily penetrate between the lamellae.

This life hacking especially for those who are fed up static electricity on the hair. In the cold season is a problem overtakes every other possessor of long hair. Do so, as shown in the picture, and comb: hair will not electrify.

Can I use moisture absorbing napkins clean the soleplate ? Yes! Ironed cotton cloth napkin across at low temperature - carbon deposits disappear.

Sprinkle with your favorite perfume cloth and place on the shelf with clothes. Linen will smell for a long time!

The same trick has done and with the sports bag!

Down fingerprints from furniture and equipment: our magic napkin and cope with them! Clean work ...

Books accumulate and retain odors. While general cleaning to pay attention to the bookshelves: Ventilate the book and refresh them with a moisture absorbing napkins placed between pages.

Crumble the flour, powdered sugar, dust with a soft cloth you can clean without the hassle!

And most importantly - these wipes can be used repeatedly. What tangible savings and respect for the environment! Make sure that simplify cleaning - really

! Do not keep a secret life hacking, share them with duzyami!


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