Reveals the secrets of how to cook a delicious salad dressings without oil

Cooking a meal without much of concentrated plant oils - quite an important moment for the health, and even more important -. For its restoration

Just the reduction of vegetable oils helps to easily get rid of the extra kilos - it regards most seriously oils squeezed from the seeds (sunflower, canola, pumpkin, flax), as well as corn

. In terms of composition and qualities alone is only coconut oil, but in our latitudes very few people come to mind to fill their salad, all the more so for this it must first be heated.

In general, the less refined and concentrated products we use, the more our diet can be considered as detoxification, cleansing, and salads from whole foods in this respect - the most suitable food

. The most solid useful "fat" many call the avocado, but fill salads are not necessarily something bold, although solid fats in a number of vitally important, and it is best to get them just in the "refueling", combined with fresh vegetables or proteins ( with boiled beans, with fresh herbs - and then, and more - excellent sources of protein)


In principle, create bezmaselnye sauces and fillings - work fast, easy and enjoyable - would blender. It is easy to catch a passing excitement and real experimentation.

Well then, that here there is no exact recipes and proportions of important - you still get, and you get tasty, and quite likely, every time - a new

Place oil in a gas station can take almost anything, and it is "anything" can be divided into categories:

 - Juicy and easy: it is enough to grind in a blender or orange persimmon - with or without spices. The season is perfect, and strawberries, berries. Mango, papaya dragonfrut or - for those lucky enough to have access to the tropical fruit. In terms of nutrition, with a salad is not worth eating protein products, especially of animal origin.

 - Thick and sweet (just grind banana - in its purest form, with a teaspoon of lemon juice and spices, from curry and chili to cinnamon and cardamom). The same time - it is better not to combine with proteins

.  - Dense and nutrient (sauces based on avocado, young coconut or coconut milk, nuts or nut butter, or almond goat yogurt, sunflower seeds, egg yolks of poultry). In terms of nutrition, sauces based on the higher fat foods go well with protein: beans and lentils, and worse combined with fruits and dried fruits


When we talk about the nutritional and medicinal salads, should primarily have in mind not the cucumbers, tomatoes, but mostly root crops, vegetables and dark green with a high content of fiber: grated julienne beets and carrots, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini , paprika (in season), radish, pumpkin,
as well as spinach, parsley, dill, mint and basil, chard - sounds boring, but in fact, the whole culinary world

. These leafy vegetables are also rich in fiber and therefore it is very healing and promote the excretion of excess dietary fat, cholesterol, toxins and protein decomposition products. About the medicinal properties of green written entire books, and, in addition, someone will be surprised, but the green, that is, leafy vegetables are not inferior to meat in protein content!

And the secret is, in principle, is simple: we are used to, that is, the green is boring - but it is necessary to add an interesting and bright dressing - and herbs can actually become a tasty meal and as a basis for salads with a variety of flavors

. The third idea "base filler" - a broccoli and cauliflower. Having looked fresh broccoli, cauliflower, and especially in the inflorescence and quickly razomlov in a blender (literally, seconds), you can get a granular mass, something resembling rice or couscous, as such it is also an excellent base for a quick salad.

Examples of very successful combination:

 - Ground orange sauce with coriander powder and black pepper (for example, grated beets, beets and prunes / dried persimmon)

 - Milled persimmon sauce or banana: in the acute side - with chilli in spicy - with curry and ginger in a sweet - ground cinnamon or cardamom, nutmeg powder, with a drop of lemon juice

 - Hearty sauce of avocado, ground water and sea salt, a drop of lemon juice. Optional: with garlic, parsley and dill, with a drop of soy sauce

 - Complete simulation of boiled beets in mayonnaise:
Sauce: 1 avocado grind with a tablespoon of honey, 2 tbsp lemon juice, 2-3 cloves of garlic and sea salt, pepper to taste, 2 small beets Grate, finely 2-3 stalks of celery, optional - sprinkled with walnuts, season the sauce, let stand for 1-2 hours: during this time will soften beets, if boiled and soaked

 - The most hearty sauce of peanut butter or soaked nuts: almond paste or a paste of cashew smalyvayut with water, soy sauce, a drop of lemon juice, pepper, mustard, ground nutmeg or curry (for example, a combination of a paste of cashew nuts with lemon sour, mustard and nutmeg give hearty and completely natural imitation mayonnaise.

 - Pine nut pesto: pine nuts, not soaking, grind with basil, garlic and water (get "pesto", which is accepted to fill zucchini, grated along "under the macaroni»)

 - Sunflower seeds or a paste of cashew grind with water, a small amount of dry mustard and lemon juice (in a salad will turn out like a mayonnaise, for example, celery, apples, boiled broccoli and bell peppers)

 - Llano sauce (a tablespoon of flax is first milled to a powder, pour 3 tablespoons of water and let stand 15 minutes to several hours, and then again grind

 - Sauce for the tropics: from young coconut (the less liquid - the closer to "yogurt")-ground with lemon juice, chili ... why not pineapple or mango (in small quantities - as a filling for cauliflower and salad greens in a diluted form, the same dressing suit conversely, as a base for soup with crispy salad greens, sprouts, bell peppers

 - Coconut dressing for the middle band: the flesh of mature coconut (any supermarket, pick coconuts, all of whose "eyes" on top of black, free from mold, inside should significantly splashing liquid) grind with water or coconut water until thick yogurt, cinnamon, cardamom, chilli , lemon juice to taste (for example, mixed with grated beets and a pair of finely chopped figs, prunes or dried persimmons - very nice and hearty texture reminiscent of beetroot with cottage cheese)

 - A warm sauce of cooked broccoli or green beans: frozen broccoli or green beans cook in a double boiler and grind with water, nutmeg, tablespoon cashew paste. By reducing the amount of water that can be converted into the sauce in the tenderest pate on bread or pancakes, and dietary reading such great pate stuffed pepper or spinning rolls of salad greens.

 - Sauce-pesto-pate fresh broccoli inflorescences, grind with avocado in a powerful blender (optional: with soy sauce or a more useful analogue as bragg's liquid aminos, garlic and a drop of lemon juice, nutmeg)

 - Warm-ground sauce baked aubergine (eggplant baked in the toaster whole until soft, and then smalyvaetsya skinless Very tasty with fresh or slightly podpechenymi tomatoes, garlic and chopped parsley, boiled rice.)

 - Raw yolks of poultry (sounds strange, at least - but in practice it is tasty with fresh herbs and tomatoes, for example, while the yolks - a good source of B12 and solid, have not undergone any treatment fats)

 - Coconut milk banks, including diluted, perfect for steamed vegetables, so you can avoid the use of vegetable oil and get this diet, it is very gentle, has not fresh and at the same time, more nourishing vegetable dish (eg, stewed in water and coconut eggplant milk, beans or pumpkin, onion, garlic and bell pepper).


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