History Mojo - a puppy that nobody wanted to take to yourself

Mojo, a cross between a pit bull with Amstaff, was only 3 months old, when his life was subjected to terrible danger. He was suffering from demodectic mange, when he saved a man by the name of Joey Wagner. Joey Mojo tried to take care of himself, but soon his condition deteriorated and he had to take him to the animal hospital. Due to its sorry state wishing to take Mojo was not, and Wagner came back for him. Seeing him, the puppy could not hold back my tender feelings!

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Mojo were only a few hours of life

Fishki.netModzho badly suffering from demodectic mange. And Joey Wagner decided to help him

Thanks to the help of doctors Mojo got better, but because of his illness take him home, no one could, but Joey did not forget her boyfriend

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When Wagner returned to the hospital, the puppy is so glad that jumped straight into his arms and began to lick his face

Since two years have passed and Mojo rose

However, he did not have the wool growing back, but without it it's great!

Mojo lives in a large family that loves him

«Mojo wanted to live with incredible force! His example has filled the hearts of many people love and hope "

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