As a man shows in the quality of family care for others?

1. It provides financial protection for the family, in other words, to earn money to support the family.
2. It provides emotional protection to his wife. It allows you to tell her everything that had accumulated in her mind, and makes sure that it is dear to him.
3. It should install correctly in terms of the laws of the universe principles of family life.

How to relate to each other social activities of man and his responsibility in the family? A man should not think that he likes, and is less. He simply accepts responsibility for the first and for the second. Where he will contribute to this? The mere posing of the question wrong.
If a man sincerely seeks to prove its main quality - to provide support and protection to others, he will experience a great sense of joy and enthusiasm. If a person adjusts to give ourselves to others in their qualities, he becomes like the quality of higher source and therefore becomes one with Him. A feeling of joy and happiness, which is experiencing from this man, with nothing comparable. Reader, remember what feeling you had in your life when something selflessly doing for others? And compare it with the feeling when you're able to get something for yourself.

One of the main roles that we have to achieve in their lifetime, is to develop selflessness. At the heart of abundance mentality is this feeling: "I am not afraid that I will be something less, because I feel the connection with a higher source that supports me." But I have to tell you, dear reader, that since we have different roles in this world, then the method through which we show our unselfishness, will be different. For men, it is what was written above.

The knowledge of man's nature.
Imagine that you live to satisfy any of your desires. Whatever the desire nor appear, you will immediately respond to it. Pay attention to the feelings that you are experiencing due to this way of life.
Now imagine that you have a mission, for the sake of realization which you live. Mission - is a cause to which you devote your life. In order to achieve the desired, you have to endure the inconvenience, to reduce some of their sensory needs and often work hard. Renewed attention to the feelings that you are experiencing due to this way of life.
Now compare the feelings of the first lifestyle and feelings from a second life. What do you like more?
Here is saying different men, do this exercise. Male readers to compare their experience with their own. Maybe it will be something similar to what you experienced:

 - In the first case, I felt some discomfort inside, and in the second case - a sense of joy, energy, freedom
 - In the first case -poterya energy, and in the second case is the concentration, focus and energy boost
 - In the first case -rasslablenie, lethargy, dullness, complete apathy, and in the second case -sobrannost and mental clarity
 - In the first case there is some boredom, in the second case, I felt the urge to move on to something, and I liked it a lot more.
-The First presentation seemed not so important, while the second was something very meaningful and inspiring.

Oleg Gadetsky.


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