That's what happens if you put in the ear of garlic. This method has saved me from trouble!

Garlic - a real champion among healthy products. It is indispensable for the prevention of colds, strengthens the immune system. Garlic has antibacterial and antiviral properties, helps reduce swelling and relieve pain.

To fix ear pains like garlic is better than any drug. It includes compounds that penetrate the skin and are absorbed into the inner ear, providing anti-inflammatory effect.

Garlic pain in uhe

It is enough to crush the clove of garlic , wrap it with a soft cloth and place it in the ear for 30 minutes. This procedure relieves pain and promotes healing. Do not place the garlic too deep into the ear. Do not use too small a piece of garlic. Get ready for a garlic smell after such a procedure.

Garlic has a specific odor due to allicin, a chemical compound that is produced when garlic is damaged the integrity of the cells. This allicin is a natural antibiotic, for which we so appreciate the garlic.

Allicin - a potent substance, so take care of your skin from burns (it is better to use a piece of cloth in contact with the skin of garlic).

The ancient Greeks considered garlic a cure for all diseases. If you, too, more than once saved the healing properties of this product, share recipes folk remedy of garlic with your friends!


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