That's what you get when you mix 3 eggs and cheese! I want to cook every day.

One morning I stood on the scales and noticed that unconsciously recovered by as much as 3 kg! I began frantically to remember their menu over the past 2 weeks and came to a disappointing conclusion. It is necessary to finish the snack sandwiches with the bread! But I'm so love them ...

Puzzled, I ran in search of food that can replace me my favorite sandwich. And I found it!

Get ready to try the delightfully delicious pancakes with cottage cheese Well then, that they have no flour, and they are suitable for a low-carb diet!

Curd oladiIngredienty
3 eggs 3 tbsp. l. cream cheese or cottage cheese, chopped in a blender 0, 5, ch. l. baking powder 0, 5, ch. l. sugar or stevia a pinch of salt

Separate the whites from the yolks. Mix 3 egg yolks with cream cheese or cottage cheese, crushed in mousse in the blender, add a pinch of salt and sugar.

Stir the cottage cheese and egg mass until smooth.

Vzbey proteins together with the baking powder into a foam.

Pancakes accurately obtained if proteins are whipped in a cool foam!

Unite the whipped whites with cottage cheese and mix everything again.


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