< Rafael Ravi

Ulitsa.Noch.Iskry empty tram.
Needles sosulek.Portaly extinct windows.
Star hole yawns month horns.
Smoke-sigarety.Karman polukletka-balcony.

Faded shadows of abandoned cars froze.
Moment of the overrun in the open space of the cat,
And lonely wandering in the wide coat.
Thin ribs unnecessary bridge at night.

Five sigaret.Gorech cold tea,
Dark filaments hovering around the wires,
Rush particles and gigs, the goal bored,
To comply with you - a pas de deux of black widows.

I'm on the balcony itself to itself return,
Trying window, gate, backyard, pantry.
And in the dressing room, coat quietly rented,
There waiting for me, but I still somehow awkward ...


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