How to decorate a wall in the bedroom: 15 minutes everything was transformed beyond recognition!

Not at all surprised if you feel like so decorate the wall immediately ... I appreciate the comfort and beauty of the house, very much like their own hands to make our family nest more comfortable. The idea - a very special for me, and that's why

. One day, I was very angered his wife refused to go with her to visit her mother. Instead, I went to a friend for his birthday - more precisely, rapidly celebrate the second day after his birthday. When I got home, his wife still was not. I waited for her return, worried, would somehow make amends. And I decided to make a wall decor in our bedroom!

How to decorate stenuTebe need
ledge single-colored electric garlands (preferably several) plastic hooks li > transparent curtain

To transform a wall into a cozy bedroom piece of furniture, you need to spend only 15 minutes time! Suffice it to glue the plastic hooks and attach to them a garland, hang the curtain rod and drapes. Illuminated wall at the head of the bed will create a unique atmosphere in the evening ...

In this video you will see how you can transform your home. Admiring the views of relatives are to arrange the room so!

Of course, my wife and just melted me, seeing this beauty. I am very glad that this is a design decision so just caught me by the arm!

Now a variety of decoration wall - one of my favorite household chores. Share this bright idea to your friends, they, too, be inspired!


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