Impart just 6 minutes a day to become the owner of the seductive Brazilian priests!

Smart, round, firm ass - object of desire is not only women but also men, because it is this part of the body, they recognize the most seductive

! The holiday season and the bikini is about to start already ... to proudly carry on the beach his fifth point, enough to sit: it's time to get down to business

Effective exercises for yagoditsNa entire complex will take you no more than 6 minutes, as! to perform one exercise assigned exactly one minute.

  1. Squats

    Put your feet shoulder-width apart, stretch your arms in front of him. Imagine you squat on an imaginary chair. The angle at the knees - 90 degrees. Hold this position for 3 seconds, arise. Repeat for a minute.

  2. Mahi standing leg

    Drawing on a wall or a chair, taps each foot alternately ago. Keep your back straight, pull your socks.

  3. Exercise "Scissors»

    Starting position - lying on his stomach. Lift the feet off the floor and crosses.

  4. foot moves back

    Get on all fours, in an intense pace to lift his leg bent at a right angle, 30 seconds. The remaining 30 seconds, lift the other foot.

  5. Exercise «bridge»

    Lie down on your back, stretch your arms along the body, the legs bend at the knees. Raise your pelvis, greatly straining with the buttocks.

  6. Lunges Forward

    Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, hands on his belt. Do a lunge and squats on each leg.

    With the exercise of the «Website» elastic buttocks - is an achievable goal. Of course, in constant training, though not too tiring, but everyday!

    Good luck to you on the sports field, and do not forget to tell your friends about training!


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