Conquer each other every day

We often think that a close people can behave contemptuously
At the beginning of the relationship lovers are each other's center of the universe, listen attentively to every word, worry, when a loved one was delayed on his way home when he was grouchy or something sad.

It is said in the book of the same name that the Love lives for three years , and more - has lost the spark of the daily routine. The majority says it's okay. So consider faded, indifferent couples and people have run away.

Everyone knows that the relationship business - hard work, but very few people want to work. But from one plowing it is not so much good if people do not inspire one another.

Imagine a job - so unloved that sometimes you could hardly restrain retching when performing ordinary tasks. And you're sitting in the office until late at night, all for nothing undertake, doing well, good, even better than the others. You can live for years, deceiving yourself that someday you will love it , a job, you will like it really will be your vocation.

However, popular « will be endured-slyubitsya" rarely happens in real life. Feelings - it is also goosebumps, and admiration, and finally - the romance

. So he went home, depressed, answers the questions in monosyllables. < When You already surrendered , it is easy to fall behind by a loved one ( "once again begin his bagpipes about the fact that his colleague podsizhivaet, had enough to console him and cheer, it's better in the quiet dinner »).

So you've just talked with my mother, she was again as if by accident touched you ( "in your age and my husband was, and position decently ..."), and you silently swallow tears. He sees everything, understands everything, but does not want to deal again in your children's injuries. He, too, is easier to pretend that everything is all right, ignore conventional, but equally important issues.

So people are moving away, no longer conquer each other every day
. Unfortunately, we quickly forget how, on the one hand, our feelings are strong, but on the other - paradoxically fragile. We think, if a person likes, then all will forgive, even indifference , which initially seems harmless neglect.

Cease to marvel at each other - and quickly turned into the everyday picture of the landscape. It's pretty scary when your favorite, unique and exclusive slowly become strangers
The main regret - that you are relaxed immediately decided - all so well, no longer try to surprise, deserving of its exclusivity in the eyes of lovers
kissing goodbye sudden calls during the working day (as the mood like there was a presentation? ?) little surprises (gone for bread and bought your favorite lollipop) important for family events (not yet announced the results of the competition where you took part?) their personal characteristics (do not eat the second ice cream - you prostynesh) love to waste on petty negligence , which is like a snowball quickly turns into indifference. Instead - a lot better going concern and participation as a means for the firing of strong and sincere feelings

Do not go into the shadows , does not merge with the gray mass for a person, a meeting which when-. it has become the most important event of your life. Fight for love conquer each other every day, little by little, little by little. Buy Kinder Surprise and hid in his bosom, let guess which hand; hear about problems, talk about their own and be sure to cover with a blanket, if you go to bed later

every day -. it is in the constancy laid the main secret of the infamous «happily»

Vasilisa Colin specially for Website
Photos on the preview: Great American Films Limited Partnership / Vestron Pictures



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