5 media jokes that show you how people are naive

We present five cases of journalists in all seriousness bore obvious nonsense, and people believed them! How is this possible? .. It seems that the human naivety limitless. < Website offers readers verify this by the example of these stories.

1. "Pepsi" logo tattoo

In April, probably the first of 1994, the US National Public Radio the Radio, reported that the company Pepsi announces share. All to get a tattoo in the form of a company logo, will receive a discount of 10% on the rest of his life. Throughout the month the editors call the action fulfilled the conditions to pick up their honestly earned prizes. However, for such a joke radio it received not only a bunch of calls from teens who have already done tattoo, but a few days later, and a lawsuit from some of the victim due to such harsh jokes.

2. Electronic Big Ben

In 1980, broadcaster BBC reported that the legendary London mechanical clock Big Ben will be replaced by electronic ones. "To keep up to date, outmoded mechanical clock will be electronic┬╗, - BBC reported. Message stirred the British public. Outraged citizens called to express their protest.

3. Left gamburger

In 1998, the American magazine USA Today mock his readers, made a sensational statement that the Burger King fast food chain will soon release a new kind of hamburger - for left-handers. This drawing is relevant to this day, as the company still gets angry letters from customers who have not received the desired hamburgers.

4. Prisheltsy

In 1976, the five-hour news program on all channels broadcast was interrupted by a strange voice who called Vrillon Ashtarskoy Gallakticheskoy team. This is the commander reported that his alien race is going to destroy humanity. After such a strange message on television police stations across Britain literally torn from the calls of anxious citizens who believe in the alien invasion. However, no one knows to this day - this action was planned media or unauthorized hackers held

5.. Socialism in Disneylende

In 1995, the newspaper Irish Times published an article alleging Disneyland guide that talks with the Russian government on the purchase of a body of Vladimir Lenin. According to the newspaper, a mausoleum with the body Lenin's plan to carry a new Eurodisneyland. People believed in it!

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