How to gain confidence: 6 stories from the lives of great men

We often make mistakes, doubt their abilities, trust the opinions of others and shows weakness towards goals. Timidity, shyness and self-doubt keep us fully realize itself and become truly happy.

Fortunately, there are people who are able to cope with such problems. Albert Einstein, Stephen King, Lev Landau and many other wonderful people have achieved great heights, become respected, loved and celebrated.

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Albert Einstein. Find what you fascinated

The creator of the theory of relativity grew humble and very shy boy. He did not share the other teen interests and was an outsider in the companies. However, his passion for physics, gave him strength and self-confidence. He found friends and associates who share his intellectual interests. By the way, Einstein's timidity is not extended to science. He owns the following words: "A person who never made a mistake has never tried to do something new»

. Bernardo Garduchchi agrees that shyness runs, as soon as we fully immerse ourselves in a favorite thing. "I remember that I almost died of fright when he first came on the scene - recognized actor Harrison Ford loser »

Mahatma Gandhi. Make others need you

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Mahatma Gandhi is very shy to speak in public and to talk with other people. He also had difficulty with the defense of his opinion. Choosing the profession of lawyer, Gandhi first felt uncomfortable: it did not work out public speeches, he confused the words and would not know him. In the end he decided to change the situation and went to work in South Africa, where he lived many immigrants from India. It was there came to him the recognition that many compatriots turned to him for help, and he tried to refuse nobody. So Gandhi not only gained experience in communication, but realized his calling - to fight for the rights of the oppressed

. "One of the best ways to overcome social anxiety - volunteer work, engage in social work, coupled with the help of other people - advises the American psychologist Garduchchi Bernardo (Bernardo Garducci). - Firstly, you will master the skills of behavior in different social situations. Secondly, you will feel its usefulness and necessity, and it will give you strength »

Stephen King:. Do not give yourself time to doubt

In an interview with the writer Stephen King said: "Reasons for self-doubt - a million. If I write quickly, writing the story as it comes to mind, I can not save the initial enthusiasm and at the same time to escape from self-doubt, just waiting for the right moment. »

"The ability to deep thinking should not be confused with a tendency to get stuck on something, - says psychologist Taylor Barr (Barr Taylor). - The more shy person thinks about the problems that he may encounter, the faster it grows anxiety. On the contrary, if you find yourself in a situation that makes you anxious, you probably understand how to act »

Eleanor Roosevelt. Think of others and not about Me

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of US President Franklin Roosevelt, all life suffered from timidity and shyness. However, she was able to overcome this trait, making his forte empathy. She supported women and black people in their struggle for equal rights, what has won the love of the set of ordinary Americans. Psychologist Susan Kane believes that Eleanor Roosevelt was able to transform its sensitivity to altruism.

The same strategy adhered to, for example, the actress Geraldine Chaplin , the daughter of Charlie Chaplin: "Before you appear in public, I forbid myself to think about yourself. No, I do not belittle yourself, simply cease to cultivate your ego and ask questions - and as I will have to respond, and that will tell me .. I'm turning into an active listener, an active observer and eventually so fond of a process that has already stop to think? how she look, something or not say »

Lev Landau. Go meet your fears

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Nobel Prize-winning physicist Lev Landau suffered a lot because of his own shyness. It is often thought that the people around him see the absurdity and secretly laughing at him. Then he decided to knock out a wedge a wedge - to meet your fears. His biographers give such a story. "Would you be kind enough to answer one question?" - Refers to the self-confident Leo bearded, seemingly Nepmen. He stops. "Why do you wear a beard?" - All the same polite tone continues Lion, despite the obvious dangers posed by the interlocutor

. And in order to wean themselves worry about other people's opinions, Landau was walking along Nevsky Prospekt with hat attached to a balloon

Gloria Estefan:. Find your mastermind

The future famous singer Gloria Estefan was so shy, that it seemed to her music career does not shine. But her husband, Emilio, who saw in it a huge talent, constantly pushing Gloria to work on themselves. "People took my shyness for coldness and lifelessness. And he tried to instill in me

confidence. " Shy people, which often covers the self-doubt, need a support group. "It is important that it was not the redeemer who would soothe you, and not the pursuer, who would criticize your mistakes - emphasizes Bernardo Garduchchi. - You need someone who will push you to action, to the development. " Such a man can become a trainer, coach, or a loved one. And for the inventor Thomas Edison , the artist Pablo Picasso and musician Ray Charles so alive mascot were their mother. Picasso recalled: "My mother told me:" If you go as a soldier, you will become a general. If you go as a monk, you will become the Pope. " Instead I became a painter Picasso. »



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