Why do you need to forgive even those who do not deserve

As a child, we are forced to forgive. For example, when the neighbor boy pick up a toy, he was forced to apologize, and you - to forgive him. But it does not solve anything. You are still able to for a long time to conceal it hurt. In adult life, we are waiting for an apology, but more often than not waiting.

We are in the Website understand how important it is to forgive and ask for forgiveness, and share with you the important reasons that insults the soul became less and less.

Even when they apologize to us, we still remember that people did - this is the proof of our history. We carry the baggage of those who have offended us, all her life. And after every wrong person this burden is becoming more and more, so what prevents us from living.

But there are those who know how to forgive even those who do not deserve it, because he knows that:

It helps to move on Unforgiveness - then hold a grudge, contempt and resentment. This means keeping a pain. We are constantly scrolled in a scenario of the events that we have offended. Again and again, rather than to focus on more pleasant prospects.

Forgiveness, it is first necessary to you is the whole point. We think forgiveness for the other person. What it will remove a stone from his soul. But in fact, forgiveness is important to you. Without forgiveness, you can not move on. You forgive, to let go and do not live in the past.

Forgiveness must be for all and not just for those who are excused. Otherwise what is the meaning of forgiveness? Strong people forgive even those who do not deserve it. Otherwise, your suppressed resentment will be reflected on other people around you, it becomes your trauma and complex, distrust of people

simple -. Only simple means to let go of you, be reconciled with the past so that it does not interfere with your future. When you let go of the past and its former pain, you make room for new emotions and feelings.

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