Tips 30-year-old woman from the 60-year-olds

Margaret Manning (Margaret Manning) - the creator of the online magazine for women over 60 «Syxty and me». Its publication has opened up the world of truly great women who talked about their lives. Margaret recently decided to combine the efforts of all participants of the project to formulate suggestions to young women.

< Website offers a look at the advice of the wise lady who really went through a lot in life, and this is only to be young.

  • Remember: life - not a dress rehearsal and premiere
  • Take age-related changes to the nobility.. Be yourself.
  • Try to always think positively and look for the good in every situation in life.
to live each day to the maximum, because nobody knows what awaits us around the corner. Remember that life can turn in an instant Age -. it's just a figure that does not determine your identity Live in the present moment. Log out of the four walls and walk. Locate your hobby. It will save you from the routine. Always be honest with yourself. It is difficult, but it will always play in your favor Forget about the age stereotypes OOBShhESTVO Do not worry about that get older, -.. Worry about . not to be boring Old age happens to everyone - whether we are afraid or not. Just live Never stop to look for inspiration Life -. Easy stuff, but to live it is sometimes difficult. Learn to read, travel. Buy classic clothes. Classic is always in fashion Do not waste your money on shoes, men still do not look at it - they look at your knees Do not hoard stuff... Get rid of all unnecessary. Cherish the simple things and do not complicate your life. Love and treat your family as well as you would like them to treat you. Love sincerely and unselfishly. make up your mind to have children when you really want it. Correct no. sympathizers not only others but also themselves. Take photos. Some people will go out of your life, and the photos will remain with you forever. Learn to forgive. Let go of anger and resentment, leave in memory only positive emotions. Control a circle of close friends, do not let go the extra people. It is important. Appreciate your family. She will always be there, always ready to help, no matter what happens. Never go to bed, if angry with himself or someone from friends. How can I speak often to the relatives that you love them. After 30, it is your prime. Be aware of your beauty. Do not waste time on things of experience that you can not change. Burst bad relationship: you can not change another person Take care of your skin.. Smile more often! Trust your instincts. Do not talk bad about yourself. And do not even think. Learn to treat yourself with self-irony. Do not think everything is always close to your heart. Do not strive for perfection. Be unique. Let your child sometimes to spend your teacher. Be a warrior. Learn how to be resourceful and self-sufficient Do not let fear get the better Never stop developing - mentally, physically and spiritually Appreciate the positive aspects of aging...: every year you have less responsibility and more freedom. do not let anyone tell you it's too old for what you are doing Do not be afraid. Here, in the sixties, all will be well. Nature prepares us for every stage of life.



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