A simple technique of face modeling, Kazuki Reiko: younger eyes!

An innovative method developed by a Japanese doctor Kazuki Reiko, allows to achieve non-surgical face lifting with the help of the sizing of persons with special patches. The result is a stimulation of certain facial muscles, and the brain remembers their new correct position. Eyes immediately opened, his cheeks tightened, the double chin is eliminated!

The action method is the modeling of the face based on the ability of our brain to reprogram in that case, if the new desired position of the muscles is retained for a certain time interval. According to such luminaries facial lifting like Dale Anderson and Thomas Hahn, this interval is 90 seconds, no less.

The method consists in the following:

1. The patch is cut into three pieces 30х7 mm 15x7 mm, 10x7 mm.

2. Glue the bottom first long patch from the bottom up, pulling the skin, then the top long the patch must be attached to the bottom at one end and to tighten the skin up.

3. The smallest piece is designed to tighten loose cheeks up and sticking plaster.


Important! It's all to do after a facial massage!

In this figure, are indicated in red areas of the face, which in any case can not pull the band-aid.

Schema stickers patches for ages

For 30 years of age

Letters specify the size of the patch.

At30 years of facial aging begins with the cheeks and the mouth area. So all the attention when sizing pay a lower part of the face.

What is achieved:

1. Pull flowing down his cheeks

2. Reduce nasolabial folds

3. Reduce the oval face

For the age of 40:

The rules of the sticker patch :

From the middle of the face going outwards in the direction of the arrows.

No. 15 glue the nose on two sides, in order to "raise the nose from the face"

No. 21 and then glue pulling, on top of wrinkles.

Have 40 years to the problems of the 30-year-old added problem areas around the eyes, neck and jawline.

Sizing is achieved by the following tasks:

1. Tighten dripping down eye line

2. Diminish crow's feet

3. Improves the jawline. Removed double chin.

4. Improved neck line

For the age of 50 and then:

Split face on the top and bottom, and gluing over and over again! That is not to leave for a long time. Glue face better every day, and the next day!

No. 27-28 not to pull, glue, as it is.

From50-year-old to the listed issues are added to the frontal wrinkles, floating oval of the face, sagging skin around the mouth line. Sizing achieved the following:

1. We tighten up the forehead.

2. collect a bunch of spreads on the face nose and make it tall and slim.

3. Regaining full top sponge, which has already been lost, and make a lovely line of mouth.

The order of the stickers patches

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Step 7

Step 8




This relaxing facial works wonders!Magic points: the Code of youth and beauty

Source: duhosin.ru/modelirovanie-litsa-s-pomoshhyu-plastyirey/


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