4 minutes instead of an hour-long workout. The result is stunning

Former head coach of the Japanese national team in speed skating, Dr. Izumi TABATA has developed a revolutionary system of training, which can be easily used at home.

Working in two areas (cardiovascular and muscular system), it allows you to simultaneously burn fat and develop muscles, and increase stamina, and improve blood circulation. Called the doctor her "interval method (or Protocol) TABATA". The technique was picked up quickly by athletes, trainers, even doctors.

What is its essence? It's pretty simple

1. Pick your favorite exercise from below and within 20 seconds , perform it with the greatest intensity (with a maximum, of which you are capable!). Muscles during exercise the supposed "right to burn", though perhaps the effect of burning will occur only after 2-3-4-go approach.

2.Rest 10 seconds – the same as much as possible! No talking, no music – only the restoration of breathing.

3. Such approaches must be 8.

4. Rest 1 minute. After this completes the 1st cycle.

5. It is possible to perform another 4-5 such cycles: 20 seconds and exploded for 10 seconds – froze 8 times.

One cycle takes exactly 4 minutes. Simple and incredibly effective!

Even a single exercise (1st cycle) sufficient to achieve a tangible result, but usually use 4-5 exercises (4-5 sets). Between cycles, rest 1 minute.

Total from just 4 to 20 minutes!

Of course, before exercise must do warm-up and after – quiet "potyagushki".

As an exercise, you can use the standard squats, pushups, swing press, and possible kicking of pear and jumping rope. It is advisable to take exercises which are directed alternately to the upper and lower body, as they will make the blood move and change direction, thus helping to quickly raise your heart rate and stretch all the muscles of the body. Alternate study of the parts of the body also helps you avoid overstrain any one part or possible injury.

The most suitable exercises for these workouts are exercises that affect several muscle groups: squats, lunges, push-UPS (from a school course). Who served in the army, remember: stick in the mud-jumped... this Is the base that formed the basis of the new, conquering Western fitness systems training.

Such trainings are quite high intensity, so the exercise should be 2-3 times a week.

From 4 to 20 minutes a day 2 times a week!

Such training is perfect for busy people, for those who have no opportunity to attend the gym, fitness centers.

The detailed algorithm of the TABATA Protocol:

1. Before you watch with a second hand or an interval timer.

2. Warmed up.

3. 20 seconds intensively performed selected exercise, then 10 seconds rest maximum. This 1 trip. Approaches repeat 8 times.

Total (20 h + 10 h) x 8 / 60 sec = 240 / 60 = 4 minutes.

4. Rest 1 minute. This completes the 1st cycle.

Weak people can stop. Eventually, when the number of repetitions for s every 20 seconds of exercise increases, you can increase the number of cycles to 2 and, gradually, up to 4-5 cycles. More is not recommended.

5. Record in the table the number of repetitions of exercises in the latter approach. The number, which you could pull in the latest approach, there will be a control showing the progress on your multi-day journey.

Over time, the rate of exercise will increase and eventually you will be able to increase the number of repetitions in each set and, consequently, the total number of completed exercises in 4 minutes.

6. For those who feel the strength: go to the second cycle, but now with a new exercise. 20 seconds intense running new exercise, then 10 seconds rest maximum. Repeat 8 times (4 minutes).

7. Take the following exercise, then the next. Over time, you will be able to do 4-5 cycles.

8. Soothing "potyagushki", restore breathing.

9. The heart rate measurement. For untrained people or people with cardiovascular disease, the pulse rate must not exceed the admissible value for you. To determine this value it is recommended to consult a doctor.

10. A break for 2-3 days.

According to physiologists, most effective workout with a Wellness focus with loads that increase pulse rate (or heart rate that the norm must be the same)from 100 (minimum) to 170-180 beats/min. (maximum), depending on the age and state of health.

Training with heart rate 130-140 beats/min ensures the development of General endurance in beginners, and its maintenance at more prepared. Maximum training effect for the development of aerobic capacity and General endurance observed during exercise when the pulse rate from 144 to 156 beats/min or 170-180 beats/min. (max) for very trained.

Heart rate is very individual, but we can assume that the pulse rate of 120-130 BPM is a training zone for beginners. In elderly debilitated people or people with abnormalities in the cardiovascular system, the pulse during the classes should not exceed 120 beats/min.

If you have cardiovascular disease, it is better to consult a doctor to clarify for you the recommended maximum heart rate. People with cardiovascular disease it is better to use for measuring pulse blood pressure monitor, which allows you to diagnose the arrhythmia of the pulse during measurement.


A universal set of exercises for busy people

More complicated version of the exercise "plank"


To simplify time tracking, you can use one of the many TABATA timers (or interval timer). However, you can use regular clock with a second hand. The watch must be clearly visible during the exercise. You can include the invigorating music that sets the pace. But sometimes it hinders.published


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