20 Tips 20-year-old startups

Jason Nazar, who founded his first startup Docstoc in 20 years, said that at one time was very proud of the status of relatively powerful and extremely young entrepreneur. But now, with the height of past years, he realizes that he made a lot of mistakes. Nazar now 34 and in his column for Forbes, he says the current 20-year-old about his mistakes and how to avoid them.

So, if you are 20 and you want to start your own business, that's what it is imperative to learn in advance:

1. Time is not unlimited items. In a world of very few 20-year-olds with "elevated discreet sense of urgency." They think that their whole life and all their really big successes yet to come, and so long as you can just like the conference startups to talk about their dreams with friends in cafes, etc. But the time - the only resource that is abundant in young people, and that is clearly not necessary to dissipate, because the more it will never be. If you are 20, remember the opportunities that you have today may not appear you tomorrow. Therefore, we have to act immediately.

2. Talent overrated. Anyone who starts their own business immediately after gaining majority, terribly proud of myself. He knows that he is talented. But talent - a "crude materials," which in itself is worth nothing. Extremely important time to start his "processing" that is, methodically and purposefully work towards success. The idea that you are the smartest, and will always remain so, is not viable.

3. We are more productive in the morning. Nazar, when he was young, he was proud that he is able to work up to three nights. But it's foolish pride. Much better night's sleep, wake up early - and immediately start working desperately. In the morning, the brain works better than the night, and have time to get more. Much better to work intensively on the product in the morning and spend the afternoon at the meetings, phone calls, and strategic planning. By the way, this thesis is confirmed scientifically.

4. Social Media - this is not a career. This post is not even in large companies within five years. SMM - it's just one component of marketing. Not more than. Build a career on his desire to sit for days in Facebook you just will not work.

5. Stop hiding behind your computer. Success in business is directly linked to personal contacts and "emotional" conversation. Do you want to build a successful business? Often take up the phone. But not to answer another chatting, and to call the customer.

6. Come to the first and leave last. The only way to beat the competition and become the market leader - to work more competitors. Plus, your employees are unlikely to work well if they are the boss "you", while in office, he does not appear before lunch.

7. Do not wait for permission before do something. Before the beginning of the important things you should not also seek support from loved ones. Decided - did. No one will tell you the way to millions. Find it would have on their own.

8. Take responsibility for your mistakes. To be successful, you need to make a lot of mistakes, but always find the strength to try something else. But this does not mean that you have to defend your mistakes or look them excuses. Honesty with himself - perhaps the most important feature of a successful businessman.

9. A good opportunity to learn quickly - to work alongside the super-professionals. As in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada┬╗. Job personal secretary industry leader - a good start for a successful career and no less good support for your own business in the future. Need to constantly improve and expand their limits every day.

10. Do not get too often change jobs. People who once a year, change jobs, few people enjoy. And deservedly so: to learn some new skills and acquire new knowledge (why else would you go to work ?!), you need at least two to three years of hard work. If you are a "defector" with the experience, it is unlikely you seriously have learned at least something.

11. Do not get fooled by the social package. Of course it is tempting - to work in an office where free hand out cookies, do massage and without restrictions allowed in the playroom. But much more useful for a career to choose the company where you will be able to work with experienced managers and engineers. Great mentor importantly free cookies.

12. It is necessary to make an effort. When doing something at work today, you should always know what the result for personal career it will give in the future. Sometimes it's really hard to do what you do not want. But if it makes sense - it will have to do. If the work is meaningless, and career development and changes of activity is not planned, it's time to look for a new job.

13. Speak less. New generation Y - this generation of talkers. When people talk in the workplace, the company is like cancer. Complaints and trash-talk can destroy any company and ruin any career.

14. Get to know the new technologies. Line "power user Microsoft Office┬╗ will not add anything to your resume. But knowledge of Photoshop, MySQL, WordPress, Adwords, Balsamiq or Final Cut Pro - it's much more important. In today's world to know the most "advanced" software - a prerequisite of development.

15. Social communication. Need to strive to keep in touch as soon as possible with a large number of people. Invest in relationships need all his spare time.

16. You will need at least three professional mentor. We are talking about people who have already achieved that to which you aspire. Their advice and attention that you can get will be priceless later on.

17. In order to learn something, you need to constantly pretend to have achieved everything. Your boss takes a hard decision? And how would you, whether you are in his place? Such modeling anyway prepare you for the future ordeals.

18. Less tweets - more books. Read. As can be more complex and long texts. In the message length of 140 characters no meaning, no depth. Make sure that read through at least one book a month.

19. Learn to save. Gold watch, trendy car and an apartment in a prestigious area will make you hostage to material wealth. The less you spend in daily life, the easier it will be to deal with the financial turmoil in the future - after you become the author of another startup. Penny wise and upset about every ruble spent, of course, it's silly, but to reduce costs by 25% each is capable of. Start small.

20. Reputation is priceless. It can not be lost, because it is the most valuable currency that you have. Good reputation - the key to a stable and good business, its absence - almost guarantee failure. And this is particularly important in a world where everyone knows everything about everyone. Watch out for that publish on social networks. Reputation - what a treasure that can not be found after the lose.


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