12 popular startaperskih neologisms expressed GIF-pictures

"Let's do the rubble in coworking startup? With my smoothies! "It so happened in Ukraine, in dialogues with startups constantly heard such words. The man they call unsophisticated smile if not, then at least perplexing. However, replacing them synonymous in the native language does not always work, because in most cases they are untranslatable. Here as in Russian called startup without storey revolutions? Editorial AIN.UA decided to gather a selection of popular startaperskih jargon, from the use of which we ourselves sometimes can not resist. And so it was clear what they mean, adding to them a funny GIF-images.

MVP h6>
Minimal Valuable Project - this is a pilot version of the future product. Usually it is imperfect, but something such it has ...

Networking h6>
For startups Networking perhaps more important programming skills. Find the right people and infect them with their ideas - that the primary task.

Pitching h6>
Mentors recommend startups make dynamic presentations and cheer. Somebody already guessed investor express their ideas in dance?

Fundraising h6>
Experts describe this phase relationship between startups and investors as flirting. All clear who in this case with anyone flirts, does not it?

bootstrapping h6>
During bootstrap startup importantly - do not die of hunger. And there, staring, and go traction.

Traction h6>
The first part of the plot SIFCO - a reality, and the second - how startups presented their results to investors and the press:

fidbek h6>
That he was positive, startups ready to go at all.

Milestone h6>
Questions about achievements startup investors - like bullets. All that you can - competently dodge.

Pivot h6>
Often as a result of the initial pivot product changes beyond recognition, but in rare cases the output, as they say, the same egg, only in profile.

Coworking h6>
Offices are no longer in vogue. Yes, and why they are needed startups if coworking in Ukraine grow like mushrooms? But how you can effectively work in such conditions?

Founder h6>
It may be completely different people who share one thing - obligations to investors. And most importantly for investors to Founder quarreled, and that the whole business may let in the wind.

Indy h6>
Individual solutions are usually financed by Crowdfunding, so they must look very zavlekayusche and be truly multifunctional.


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