Bright as Amber Heard

"And then he realized that he was covered with" 49-year-old Johnny Depp was seriously carried away by 27-year-old actress Amber Heard. Everything indicates that the couple finally formed and rumors generated by the media, confirmed. For such a man, though no longer young and hot, sin is not to change the orientation (three years ago Amber was a lesbian), so look forward to their recognition and the new roles for the Miss Heard (with the protégé they have it certainly will).

In the meantime, a new passion of the actor on the series known to us, insignificant appearances in several films and a good two or three main roles. Talking about her acting talent will be critics and the audience (yet) see it as a beautiful woman who can be both innocent touching, and daring sexual. This quality, as well as its adventurousness, it wanders from film to film. But perhaps it is on this, and will be constructed its continued success? Though with the added PR, even without ...

"Criminal Minds" (TV series, 2005 - ... gg.)

"Alpha Dog" (2005)


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