It is believed that a pure language, without plaque - a sign of the health of the digestive system

Language is able to reflect the status of almost all organs and systems. For example, the tip of the tongue is responsible for the pelvic organs, the middle of the left - of the liver, and the right - for the spleen. The lateral edges indicate the status of the lungs - the right and left. The thicker the coating, the more disease.

Separate portions of the surface of our tongue projected many bodies. For example, the stomach - the whole middle of the tongue, liver - at the level of small molars, and on the tip of your tongue - the sigmoid colon and rectum. Therefore, any disease of these organs necessarily manifest changes in the appearance of language.

On the state of health can be judged by the color of the language of its mucous, fly it, the color of the same plaque and nature of its surface. In general, the coating on the tongue - the first sign of low immunity and chronic diseases. And the thicker the coating, the chronic disease is longer.

Plaque covers language at dysbacteriosis, stomatitis, fungal infections, and so on.
In chronic alcoholic intoxication tongue is covered with brown patina almost root.
Cyanotic hue report on cardiovascular disease in middle-aged long before the "gravity" of the heart, pain and sudden weakness.
Flatness of the entire surface of the language speaks of gastritis with low acidity. And with high acidity - buds become rough and sore all over the tongue.
"Geographic" language, similar to the map, the children are always a sign of a food allergy. And the location of "continental" and "seas" very accurately be said about the involvement in the process of an organ of the digestive system.
Redness and slight tenderness tip of the tongue indicate any disease of the pelvic organs.
If aches middle part of the language and its edge on both sides - perhaps a serious lung disease.
Swelling and redness of the right half of the tongue from the tip to the middle of his talk about the inflammatory disease of the liver.
The same change to the left - a disease of spleen.


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