"The law of 45 degrees" and other rules of feminine beauty

The researchers, based on surveys of 300 men brought a new canon of female beauty: the angle between the longitudinal axis of the body and buttocks should ideally be 45 degrees. Example? Jennifer Lopez.

And it attracts a strong half curvature of the lower spine of women, rather than massive thighs and buttocks, the researchers note. So the famous Kim Kardashian ass in this sense plays.

Want to know "where the shoe pinches"? We'll have to go back to the prehistoric era: while the spine curvature was an evolutionary advantage females. It is allowed to shift the body's center of gravity back during pregnancy - the period when he is, in theory, it shifted sharply forward and puts pressure on the hip joints, causing muscle fatigue and injuries often

. Hence, our great-great-ancestor with a curved spine were able to last longer and carry themselves prokarmlivat longer pregnancies without risk, says Dr. David Lewis of the University of Bilkent in Turkey.

Guys, 21 in the yard, Homo sapiens has existed for 200,000 years! Do we still live in primitive instincts? It seems so, nod psychologists: just what was previously helped to survive, it has now become sexually attractive


The men did not know that all matter in the spine - thought that they just like bulging buttocks. But scientists have dissuaded them. Compare: a - «pumped» the priest, b- with excess fat, and c - the same "klyushkoobrazny" spine. Guess what? Most like it is the last option.

But, as it would be boring to live, if all customized for a single standard! And then, we are all people, and is it a human - firmly know what you want, do not change the taste, go without controversy? One day we are resolute and courageous, and on the other tearing us doubt, today we like blondes, and tomorrow we fall in love without memory brunette ...

Why, look at least at the portrait of the "ideal woman» , which was once Mens Health based on a dozen different studies.

Even more fun it looks in comparison. So, get ready ...

Perfect female face eyes women (according to the survey escentual.com):

This «pure beauty" from the perspective of men (the same survey):

Funny, is not it? However, all this is definitely not for the faint of heart.

The American TV star Heidi Montag is so hated his appearance, does not fit the "standards" that 21 years has increased the breast and lips and changed the nose, and at 23 for one day suffered a further 10 operations (!) - From the facelift that the line more curved eyebrows began to pump the excess fat and the new breast augmentation.

Later, she told the magazine People, that all of this has survived in agony, but "it was worth it." And what do you think? (Left - photo Heidi to a second portion of the operations on the right - after):

Most interesting is that many men in the comments to this photo Woman convicted. And indeed, if you look at the social network, the guys do not admire "silicone beauty." "Man-boobs, fake ass, redesigned nose, hair extensions and eyelashes - and she still wants a real man!" - They resent

. Girls, of course, offended. "You say you adore blond hair, but the fun of dyed blondes. Do you like big breasts, but despise those who dare to implantation. You want the skin was clean and smooth, but can not stand it when we use the tonal means », - complain they

. And finally advise each other: "If you have something does not like it and you are ready to change, do it, but not for men, and, above all, for yourself!»

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