Three simple rules of Ninel Blokhina: How to look 68 to 35

Ninel Blokhin from Grodno knows how to look much younger than his age and maintain health for many years.

Photos Ninel I saw by chance on the Internet. With them looking beautiful, young-looking woman. Under the picture it was written that after 60 grodnenka stood on rollers. "Is it for so many years?" - I thought. As it turned out, Ninel - 68

! We agreed to meet - very much I could not wait to find out the secret of her youth. At the meeting Ninel come in trendy jacket with sequins, and all seemed far away, what will happen to me a teenage girl - slim, bright, with a scythe from the waist down. Do not pay attention to it can not be! And an unusual name.

 - A Ninel - a more harmonious from the usual Nina? - Interested in his companion
.  - No, - for some reason it amused my question. - That's what I call the parents, who lived in the communist era. Then it was fashionable to call Oktiabrina children, Mallory (Marx, Engels, Lenin and the October Revolution), Wilen (Lenin). That's my name from the same series. It's a Changeling names of Lenin.

Each year Ninel leaves on the Baltic coast "

"Start is never too late»

She was born in 1946 - the first postwar year, or, as she says Ninel, in the days of love and growth. The destroyed Koenigsberg, who by that time became Kaliningrad, she went to school. The memories of early childhood, save the picture in the memory: it collects fragments of porcelain German the service for their children to play

.  - I can not believe you remember the first post-war years! - More and more I wonder. - How do you manage to look so good

?  - Start a healthy lifestyle is never too late. Though all my life I studied ballet, but as an adult I realized that in order to maintain the desired tone is not enough.
After fifty years, I began to search for information on how to restore performance and endurance, and what to do for it at my age. I was surprised to find that doctors ask people not to forget about the active lifestyle and as far as possible to do fitness. But in Grodno gyms often I see people up to 40 years.

Only after retirement Ninel mastered bike and rollers.

However, at any age need to remain active. I myself only after retirement for the first time got up on roller skates. And after 63 years, I sat on the bike. I ride it during the warm season so far. A yoga fascinated so that now lead a group lesson for stretching.

"I love a tasty meal»

Generally life Ninel Blokhin, as she said, it turned out to be extremely rich. She studied at the ballet school, worked as an announcer on the Russian-language radio in Germany, was an announcer on television in Kaliningrad, an assistant director in television and radio company Hrodna, taught choreography in Grodno school. It still works - teaches children to classical dance in one of the studios of Grodno. And though Ninel hard on his students, she asks them to high standards. However, currently it also does not discount.

 - I, like everyone else, love a tasty meal, and too lazy to change the initially hindered their usual lifestyle. After all, it adds up over the years. And it took me years to give up the habit hindered. It was hard.

I'm sure that, especially in adulthood when the disease so clingy, it is necessary to deal with them on a daily basis. The secret here is no no. We must deal with charging. I have a day - yoga and classes for children. Almost every night, I try to walk before bedtime. In any weather. In the morning - necessarily douche


Ninel likes to travel and knows how to do it economically

Physical activity does not make sense without a balanced diet. For myself, I chose a menu with a minimum amount of meat. Instead, I eat a lot of beans and fish. All steamed or stewed. In the morning I drink fresh fruit and vegetables.

Through everyday work on myself I began to not only look better, but most importantly - a much better feel. And maybe it's presumptuous, but I managed to stop time.

"I can not sit in one place»

An important part of life Ninel Blokhina take travel. She has a young man did not sit on the ground, and tried to go somewhere and see something new.

 - Travel - that's what inspires me, gives strength for further life. Fifth year I go to Palanga days 10. Live at the campsite, which is located in a pine forest on the shore of the Baltic Sea. Healing air leads me in the tone, and I look younger and fresher.

It has recently been in the Canary Islands, and before that went to Dubai ...

 - Does such travel enough money

?  - I'm working pensioner - laughing Ninel - but in fact I have developed a whole system of competent distribution of money, so it is possible to gather up on the journey, which can also be very cost-effective way to organize

.  - For example, as

?  - I once conducted an analysis of their purchases, and realized that a lot of money is wasted. For example, a trip by car can be arranged so as to make several things at once, and not to drive the car back and forth several times. If you do not need to hurry, you can go on foot and using public transport. Snacks in the city, too, as it turned out, punch a hole in the budget and do not carry health benefits. You can just eat an apple or oatmeal cookies, bought in bulk.

You can revise your wardrobe and simply do not buy unnecessary things. It seems that all this stuff, but for several months the savings obtained noticeable, very significant. So I gather up on a trip to Dresden. When traveling I put 200 euros, but the money was enough for me at all. I'm not starving there and visited museums - all experiences were a lot, and that's the main thing in any voyage. And anyway, I'm sure that traveling can be quite cheap. I discovered loukost and hostels. However, the youth of such embodiments, knows everything.

Ninel teaches children classical dance. Photo from the personal archive


1. The diet should be simple and clear: it is desirable to use the most ordinary products, rather than any overseas and exotic. The number of calories consumed per day should not exceed 2500, and for those who are physically working, - 3500.

2. All food should be minimal fat, the body finds itself in products essential fats. For facial skin just needed a mask made of vegetables and fruits - all natural and cheap. Squeeze, eg juice from apples, and the remainder - in the face

. 3. If you like sweet, you can eat a piece of chocolate, but only high-quality and a bit. The diet of people in middle age should be a lot of fruits and vegetables and fewer rolls and potatoes. And most importantly - do not overeat. So you can save money and lead figure in the order, and get rid of many ailments.
Author: Olga Komyagin


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