6 best exercises for a healthy back

Office work can turn even a healthy person to ever weary and disillusioned life. Not the last role is played here the load experienced by our spine throughout the day. Improper planting, weak back muscles and a bad habit hunch may lead at least to the scoliosis. The solution to this problem is - and is quite simple: we must try to strengthen your back exercise.

Unfortunately, many do not do them even in the gym, preferring to devote time developing training biceps, shoulders and chest. The result, as you can yourself and notice not only funny (because the whole body needs to be developed organically), but can also be dangerous - weak back muscles when something can not stand the load, and it will lead to injury

. So, develop your body in harmony is very important. You'll not only work on a beautiful balanced body but will feel stronger and healthier. In addition, many exercises You can do easily at home.

6 best exercises for a healthy back
Thrust dumbbell in
slope Take a dumbbell in your right hand. Lean knee of the left leg on the bench. Slightly lean forward and place your left hand edge of the bench. Take a deep breath and lift the dumbbell up. After a couple of seconds, exhale and lower smoothly. All efforts are being made by operating only the muscles of the back and shoulders.

Diversion direct hands back and up
Lean forward, keeping your back flat and bend your legs. From this position allot direct hands back, guiding them as close as possible to the body. Wait a few moments, so not relaxing the muscles of the back, and then return to starting position.

This is one of the most effective exercises for the back. And most importantly, all that is required for it - it is a horizontal bar or beam. Hang on the bar, arms fully extended and relaxed. Then tighten as high as possible, while not touch the beam back of the head or chin. The wider your grip on the bar, the greater the burden placed on the latissimus dorsi.

Lifting the body from mixing
cubits From the position of lying on his stomach on a breath lift the upper body and stretch his hands forward and upward. Then bend your arms and bring the shoulder blades together. The hands should be above the elbow. With an exhalation, lower the body back, his arms pulling forward again.

Lead elbows back and up
Lying on his stomach, fold your fingers into the lock on the back of his head. On the inhale lift the body, trying to stretch his elbows as high as possible. After 1-2 seconds, then exhale and lower the back.

Lean forward with a barbell
Another name for this exercise - good morning (good morning). Take an empty post, and put it on his shoulders. Take a deep breath and taking his hips back, bend forward smoothly. Returning to the starting position, simultaneously pull the pelvis forward.


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